MSM Download Tool Latest Version [Flash Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus]

MSM Download Tool is the rooting software for Oppo, Vivo, and OnePlus mobiles. It is used to flash the OS, repair it, and perform similar other tweaks. These devices have an inventory ROM and it needs to be published before being available for download. That’s why it is not feasible to flash them using other flashing software.

In this post, we will share the latest cracked version of the MSM Download Tool for Oppo and Vivo phones. Additionally, I’ll also guide you with installing it, setting it up, and then using it. After this, you’ll be able to bring the best out of your Oppo or Vivo device using various customizations.

MSM Download Tool For Oppo & Vivo Mobile

MSM Download Tool is a comprehensive flash tool built specifically for Oppo and Vivo mobiles. Just like any other flash tool, it allows you to perform all the tweaks and recovery options. However, the difference is that it only works for Oppo and Vivo devices, but very smoothly. It will also work for OnePlus mobiles as they are the sub-brand of Oppo.

If you have forgotten the password, pin, or pattern of your Oppo or Vivo mobile, this tool can help. You can use it to unlock it and also format the device. Along with this, you can also flash stock ROMs on the device, bypass Google FRP, and do a lot more stuff.

If you own any handset of the brands mentioned above, you should learn to use this tool to make customizations. Flashing stock ROMs is a bit complex but can really bring the real potential out of the Android OS. This tool is there to simplify the procedure.

Features of MSM Download Tool

MSM Flash Tool is a multipurpose device recovery software for Oppo and Vivo devices and tablets. It can be used to flash a wide range of devices including some big names. Here is a list of key features of this tool:

  • Flashes any authentic Oppo mobile or tablet.
  • Flashes any authentic Vivo mobile.
  • Unlock the password, pin, or pattern of locked devices.
  • Unlock locked mobile without losing data.
  • Flashes OnePlus smartphones.
  • Flashes Realme mobiles.
  • Bypass Google FRP lock.
  • Flashes dead Vivo & Oppo phones in EDL Mode.

All of these features, including many more, are available with an easy user interface. Even if you have zero knowledge about this stuff, you’ll be able to use this tool without any issues.

Is it safe to use?

Yes. MSM Download Tool is the safest, easiest, and most preferred flash tool for Oppo and Vivo devices. These devices have an inventory ROM. You have to publish it before downloading and proceed with flashing. This tool serves the purpose and simplifies the complete procedure.

Some brands have specific flashing tools for their devices. A very common example is Xiaomi devices that use the MI Flash tool. The MSM Download Tool is similar and works for a specific range of devices. There is nothing you need to worry about using it unless you are using it properly.

Guide to Download, Install, & Use MSM Download Tool

For beginners, everything is complicated whether it is downloading the tool, setting it up, or using it. Here is a very simple guide for everything related to it. You can use it to complete the necessary tasks easily.

Download MSM Download Tool Latest Version

When you go looking for the MSM Download Tool, you may end up encountering websites having spammy ads, fake APKs, and countless reloads. It is essential that you download it from a safe and secure link. You can use the download button below.

Download MSM Download Tool Latest Version 4.0.58 (Patched without ID)

Note: If the file is password-protected, use “officialroms” as the password.

You can also try downloading other versions of the MSM Flash Tool:

Make sure you uninstall the current version before trying to install any other version.

Install & Activate MSM Download Tool

Now let’s move to the installation and setup part of the tool. However, you need to ensure certain things before proceeding. These prerequisites are essential for flawless functioning.

  • You should be using Windows 7 or Higher. XP, Vista, and older computers are not supported.
  • Connect your PC to a Mobile Hotspot network. DO NOT USE WIFI.
  • Uninstall any previous version of the tool from your PC.
  • Back up all the data of your mobile or tablet to your PC before proceeding.
  • MediaTek devices are not compatible with this tool. It only works with Qualcomm chipsets.
  • Your device should have at least 50% of battery or more.
  • You have installed the Oppo/Vivo USB Drivers on your PC.

Steps to Install the tool:

  1. Download the MSM Download Tool from above.
  2. When it is downloaded, extract the ZIP file.
  3. Once the extraction is over, install both the “PDAnet.exe” files.
  4. When the installation is done, click on Finish.
  5. Next, come back to the extracted folder and install CodeMeterRuntime.exe.
  6. Next, import the license file and choose the Oppo_MSM_Download_Tool_Lic_200 file.
  7. You will receive a “License Activated” prompt on the screen.

That’s it.

Use MSM Download Tool to Flash Stock ROM on Oppo/Vivo Mobile

After installing the tool, you can now use it. To do that, go to the extracted folder and run the MSM Download Tool EXE file as an administrator. After that, you have to download the required stock ROM for your device from the web. Once ready, use this procedure to flash the stock ROM on your Oppo or Vivo device:

  1. Download the Stock ROM for your device to your PC and extract it.
  2. Run MSM Download Tool as an administrator.
  3. When you see the Load firmware option, turn off your device and hold the Volume Up & Down key.
  4. Next, connect the device to the computer using a USB cable.
  5. Click on the Start button to initiate flashing.
  6. Wait patiently until the process completes. DO NOT interrupt it in the middle.
  7. Once it is complete, you will see the “Download Success” message on the screen.
  8. Finally, restart your device and disconnect it.

That’s it. It really makes the hectic process very simple.

Final Take

MSM Download Tool is the specific flashing tool for Oppo and Vivo devices. If you have a mobile or tablet from these brands, including OnePlus or Realme mobiles, you will need this tool to flash the stock ROM. Apart from that, you can also use it to unlock the locked device without losing data, bypass Google FRP, and other similar tweaks.

If you need any help with that, you can let us know and we’ll create a separate guide for that. That’s all for this post folks.