Sega will announce New RPG at Tokyo Game Show

Sega usually focuses on action-oriented franchises. It includes Sonic the HedgehogVirtua Fighter, and Streets of Rage. It’s not an undisputed leader in the RPG department. 

Meanwhile, Sega offers a vast collection of RPGs under its display. Sakura Wars and Yakuza Like a Legend of Dragon are the most popular.

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However, there’s also the issue of outside developers working under the Sega brand. It includes Atlus with its Persona games

It is the reason when Sega is going to announce an RPG at Tokyo Game Show, the excitement instantly grew.

Perhaps, the Tokyo Game Show in 2021, scheduled to begin on September 30 through October 3. However, the event will be an online-only show to ensure COVID-19’s safety. 

So then, you can watch live streaming of the event on the Official YouTube channel. In contrast, it may not have subtitles, and you may need to wait for a while for more details.

Sega will announce New RPG at Tokyo Game Show.

According to a report, Sega will reveal a brand new RPG at the TGS session on September 30, at 10:00 pm Japan time. 

Additionally, the event’s details regarding the game’s nature, franchise, or an update within an existing one are available. 

Meanwhile, some have thought that Sega’s franchises Sakura Wars and Yakuza have the most chance of launching new games. 

Atlus will also be able to have their own space during the presentation by Sega. There may be Persona new information to be revealed.