Sega Teases an Upcoming Game Announcement

Sega Teases an Upcoming Game Announcement: Even though Summer Game Fest is now officially over, it seems that June still has a few significant gaming announcements remaining.

Since Nintendo just revealed that their June Nintendo Direct would be entirely devoted to the forthcoming Xenoblade Chronicles 3, other companies are also delaying some of their announcements and updates until later in the month.

Sega recently disclosed that it would participate in IGN’s Summer of Gaming and release something fresh, potentially a new game announcement.

In June, Sega staged a game presentation where Sonic Central updated fans on the contentious Sonic Frontiers and Sonic Origins. This game includes remastered versions of the franchise’s original four platform games.

Even though there has been a lot of Sonic news floating about, and both of the aforementioned games have release dates this year, it wouldn’t be completely unreasonable to believe that Sega hasn’t finished making significant announcements.

It seems that the publisher is still planning to unveil something more. On June 22 at 10 AM PT, Sega will offer a “world premiere exclusive” as a part of IGN’s Summer of Gaming celebration.

Sega hasn’t said what the game would be about, but IGN’s Twitter has instead provided fans with the only piece of information they currently have, which comes from an eight-second audio clip with what may be the sound of a marine creature or a wild bird.

Some viewers think the audio in the clip resembles seagull or dolphin calls, suggesting that Ecco the Dolphin may be remade.

Others believe that the unveiling will focus more on Sonic Frontiers or another Sonic game in development. While it’s likely that Sega was showcasing more Sonic material, several social media users quickly pointed out that the blue hedgehog wasn’t Sega’s only brand.

Speculative thoughts about Sega’s surprise maybe have been running rampant on social media, as is often the case when the internet is shown anything hazy and ambiguous. Some have even claimed that a collection of Sega Genesis games may be in the works.

But there’s another way that the “global premiere exclusive” may be defined. Perhaps now is the right moment for Sega to announce what it has been working on since Total War and Alien Isolation creator Creative Assembly recently revealed in a magazine interview that it has been developing a sci-fi FPS for the previous four years.