How to Do Reverse Instagram Image Search to Find Profile?

Want to know how you can use the Instagram Image Search technique to find a profile from a photo? Here is where you need to be. In this post, I will guide you with how to use the Instagram Image Search technique, or more commonly known as the Reverse Image Search technology to find a profile using a photo. Everything is specially written here in very simple language, so anyone can understand it.

reverse instagram image search


How to do Instagram Image Search?

Instagram is the second most popular photos posting platform, with Facebook still topping the list. More than millions of pictures are uploaded on Instagram every month, and billions of impressions are assigned to the posts and stories on Instagram every day. Yet, Instagram doesn’t have any way to find a certain profile if you are using a photo from it. This is because Instagram is remarkably strict at securing the privacy of its users. The images uploaded on Instagram and the digital imprints are stored on Facebook’s servers under high encryption. This is why there isn’t a direct way to find a profile from a certain photo that you have. For this situation, the Instagram Image Search technique comes for our rescue.

The Instagram Image Search is a method to use an available photo to find the profile of the Instagram user who uploaded it originally. More commonly, it is known as Reverse Image Search technique as it uses the Reverse Image Search Engines available on the internet. These engines basically work with the metadata and facial recognition to decode the profile from a photo. Using these engines, you can search the profile from a photo, find the location of the user or photo, and even find similar images resembling to the original photo. I will list here the Top 6 Reverse Image Search Engines to do Instagram Image Search. So, you can use these and find the profile which you want, using the photo you have.

Top 6 Reverse Image Search Engines for Instagram Image Search

Here is a list of the 6 Best Reverse Image Search Engines which you can use to do Instagram Image Search. Using these engines is pretty simple. You just have to upload the picture you want to use, and these engines will provide the profile of the user if the image is from Instagram. If the image is not from Instagram, then the result will provide other similar images and sources of that image.

1. Social Catfish

Social Catfish is an amazing Reverse image search engine to do the Instagram image search. It uses the image metadata and facial recognition to scan millions of social profiles from a number of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. This engine can even scan profiles from online forums and networking sites. So, it might be the most accurate way to find a profile from the photo. It is a tremendous site to know about people using their public images as it provides maximum coverage and proper results. You just have to upload the photo and click on Search. That is all to find the profile linked with that photo. Isn’t that really easy?

2. Google Image Search

Google is the biggest search engine available and has results for almost everything. The Google Images, which is the Image search engine of Google also works as a Reverse Image Search engine. You just have to visit it by using this link, click on the ‘Camera icon’ present with the search bar and upload the photo which you want to use. Next, press the Enter key or click on Search. The engine will then search through the database and provide results corresponding with the photo you uploaded. Using these, you can find the profile from which the photo was uploaded.

3. RevIMG

RevIMG is the newest and the fastest-growing Reverse image search engine available on the internet. It is a bit different from its competitors. You can easily use it to find the profile related to a certain photo. However, unlike other Reverse image search engines, this one even lets you use a specific cropped portion of the image to find the profile related to that part only. For example, you can upload a collage of people, crop the collage to a certain face and this engine will then provide results relating to that face. The algorithms involved in this engine are different from others. There is also an option for Webmasters to submit their websites into their database for crawling. So, they can get their images indexed faster and higher. RevIMG also has an API for external projects based on JavaScripts.

4. TinEye

TinEye is a popular Reverse image search engine developed by Idée inc. It is an impressive engine to search for a profile using an image or a URL of the image. You just have to upload the image, or just copy and paste the URL of image, and the engine will provide results listing all the corresponding images with the original one. It has a very catchy user interface and presents very accurate results. The only drawback about TinEye is that it only searches through websites written in English. Hence, it misses out results from the eastern-language websites. Apart from that, it is a tremendous reverse image search tool. There is also a developer’s API available on the site to access features from the backend.

5. SauceNAO

SauceNAO is another wonderful Reverse image search engine that works best when other engines fail to provide the desired results. It is a really helpful tool to identify profiles or find corresponding images to complicated or witty images. SauceNAO also provides browser add-ons for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. There are very useful in certain situations. You can use them to ease out your browsing experience. Both extensions are free to use. The only setback about this tool is that the user interface might appear dull to some users. However, the quality of the results covers up for that.

6. Bing

Bing is the last name on our list of Reverse image search engines. It is a really useful tool to search for the profile or information linked with a certain photo. To use it, you just have to upload the image by clicking on the ‘Camera icon.’ After that, Bing will provide you a list of results having the corresponding images and profiles. The UI is also swift and easily understandable. The best part is that the images that you upload are automatically deleted from their database. So, you don’t have to worry about the misuse of any image.

Final Words

That is how you can do Instagram Image Search using the Reverse image search engines available on the web. You now know about the Top 6 Reverse image search engines to find the profile from a photo. Sometimes, you will not be able to find any results from the image as its source might have been taken down. Or, the image is from a deeper source. There isn’t a 100% working way to do Instagram Image Search after the recent API changes that took place on Instagram. Many services and engines are also closed due to this same reason. But, these engines are still working and will take you closest to the precise result. So, you can use these and use photos to find the profiles related. Hope I helped you. Feel free to use the comment box for any doubt or suggestion.