PUBG Mobile unveils 2022 plans for esports

PUBG Mobile unveils 2022 plans: The PUBG Corporation, which is the creator of PUBG Mobile, has announced significant modifications in the PUBG Mobile esports platform by 2022.

The changes will be in effect immediately. 

They will be reflected in a fresh appearance of the PUBG MOBILE Pro League, new regions of the PUBG Mobile Club Open, and modifications in the PUBG MOBILE National Championship.

PUBG Mobile is rethinking its mobile esports strategy. Image from PUBG Corporation After a record-breaking 2021 year that had a record amount of viewers watch PUBG MOBILE, PUBG Corporation will launch in 2022 with a series of modifications for its highest league.

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PUBG Corporation added a comment regarding this expansion “Amateur Teams, and Semi-Pro ones are now able to participate in PUBG MOBILE Esports authorized races throughout the calendar, to get into PMNC at the close each year. These changes have been implemented to help regions be more competitive and provide a greater variety of competitions that feed into PMPLs.”

Esports Insider says: PUBG Mobile was a huge success in 2021. 

The company has naturally stepped up to introduce PUBG Mobile esports to wider viewers and more regions. 

This will increase the odds of making more of the Pro League more competitive and provide more opportunities for teams from smaller organizations to rise to the upper ranks of the upcoming Esports title.

The first change is link with PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL). The most prestigious PUBG Mobile League will embark on the new format, changing the current relegation format base on a seasonal basis to a one-year cycle.

It is expected that the PMPL will also undergo an adjustment in certain regions, including that of EMEA and MENA & SA.

 These regions will be classified under Europe, South Asia and Middle East & Africa. 

In addition, PUBG Mobile will introduce two new regions in PMPL: PMPL: PMPL Africa and PMPL Pakistan.

The PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) will also be reorganize. According to a press release, the competition will move to semi-pro and regional amateur levels, with new tournaments taking to South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

The PMCO teams can no longer qualify directly for the Pro League but play in the PMNC and Regional cups.

PMC within the PMNC Regional cups will give them the possibility of making it to an entry into the Pro League in 2023.

In an interview with Esports Insider last year, James Yang, Director of PUBG Mobile, state that 2022 is the year of growth and will be a major focus for the regional leagues that will offer this mobile edition of PUBG And those plans are now in motion.

Yang expressed his opinion on the growing league in a statement: “2021 was an extraordinary year for us, continuing with the expansion of our amateur to the pro ecosystem, and being able to offer one of the highest prize pools in mobile esports history to competing teams.”