100+ PUBG Mobile Stats & Facts That You Must Know

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular games in the world. And, it is the most successful game out there currently. Didn’t believe us? No worries, we have got some PUBG Mobile stats and facts to support our statements. We are going to share them in this post.

Here, I will tell you about 100+ PUBG Mobile Stats and Facts that will help you understand how crazy the players are for this game. A lot of these statistics will leave you awestruck.

The Most Interesting PUBG Mobile Stats & Facts

PUBG Mobile is currently in Season 14 and has already completed more than 2 years. Still, it is one of the most popular, successful, played, watched, and talked-about games in the world. When Tencent launched it for Android and iOS devices, it instantly skyrocketed to success. It hasn’t stopped ever since. Now that a lot of people have a good amount of free time, PUBG Mobile has become their favorite companion.

So, it is achieving new miles of success every single day. We are going to tell you about the most interesting PUBG Mobile stats and facts. Reading them will make you understand the extreme craze for the game everywhere.

Development & Initial Releases of PUBG Mobile

  • Brendan Greene gave the concept for “PUBG.” He is better known by his online handle, PlayerUnknown. That’s why the game is called “Player Unknown’s Battle Ground.”

  • He had previously created the ARMA 2 mod DayZ: Battle Royale and was inspired by the 2000 Japanese film Battle Royale.
  • Greene worked with Bluehole to developed a new battle royale concept game, which was PUBG PC. He moved to South Korea and development started in early 2016.

  • They released PUBG PC on March 23, 2017, in the early-access mode.
  • PUBG Mobile was first released in China in two different versions. The first one was PUBG: Exhilarating Battlefield, which was an abridged version of PUBG PC. And, the second was PUBG: Army Attack, which focused on more arcade-style gameplay.

  • They both were released on February 9, 2018. Both the games were free-to-play.
  • After massive success in China with both the versions ranking first and second on the Chinese iOS download charts, a global release was planned.

  • On March 19, 2018, PUBG Mobile was released globally being a combined version of the previous two versions.
  • China suspended the planned release of PUBG Mobile in China due to blood and violence in the game. So, it re-released the game renamed as Game for Peace that actively meets China’s content restrictions.

  • PUBG Exhilarating Battlefield was developed by  Lightspeed & Quantum Studio, which is an internal division of Tencent. And, Tencent’s Timi Studio developed PUBG: Army Attack.
  • On July 25, 2019, Tencent released PUBG Mobile Lite globally. This is a toned-down version of the game meant for lower-end mobile devices.

PUBG Mobile Players & Streamers Stats

  • PUBG Mobile has a total of 800 million players. Out of those, 50 million are daily active players.
  • The daily active player figures have remained constant since last June. However, the numbers jumped from January to April 2020 to over 100 million daily active players.
  • PUBG Mobile has over 1 billion downloads globally, excluding China where Game for Peace is active.

Image Source: Sensor Tower.

  • Around 18 to 20 million PUBG Mobile players are colorblind. They have recently added a ‘colorblind mode’ for them.

  • An average player plays at least 3 PUBG Mobile games a day.
  • PUBG Mobile moderators ban over 10,000 players every day for cheating.
  • M416 is the most picked weapon by PUBG Mobile players. AKM stands in the second position.

  • AWM is the most powerful weapon in PUBG Mobile in terms of damage. Other powerful weapons are Groza and MK-14.
  • Mini-14 is the weapon with the highest bullet velocity.
  • PUBG Mobile has over 20,000 streamers on Youtube and Facebook Gaming combined.

Top 6 most followed PUBG Mobile Streamers:

  1. Dynamo Gaming (India, 8.08 Million subscribers)
  2. Levinho (Sweden, 7.84 Million subscribers)
  3. Atro (the Netherlands, 7.23 Million subscribers)
  4. CarryisLive (India, 6.6 Million subscribers)
  5. Panda (Sweden, 6.51 Million subscribers)
  6. Mortal (India, 5.5 Million subscribers)

Demographic PUBG Mobile Insights

  • PUBG Mobile is available in all countries of the world except for the ones where it is banned.
  • The game is banned in Iraq, Jordan, and Syria. Recently, Pakistan also banned it temporarily. But, they lifted it under a week.

  • Gujrat, an Indian state, also banned PUBG Mobile in 2019. However, they had to lift the ban over the social media outcry.
  • The top countries with the most PUBG Mobile players are India, USA, Japan, South Korea, Russia, and Indonesia.

  • If we combine PUBG Mobile and Game for Peace (Chinese PUBG Mobile), then China is the country with the maximum percentage of players (24%), followed by India (19%), and the USA (12%).
  • Middle Eastern region is the fastest-growing market for PUBG Mobile. Developers have even introduced a separate server for the region.

  • The average age of PUBG Mobile players is 15 to 24 years old.
  • 54% of PUBG Mobile players are male while 46% are females.
  • PUBG Mobile supports 12 different languages.

Financial PUBG Mobile Stats

  • South Korean company, Bluehole Inc owns PUBG Corporation, the company behind PUBG. However, Tencent developed PUBG Mobile after purchasing equity in the company.
  • The headquarters of PUBG Corporation is based in Seoul, Korea.

  • And, the headquarters of Tencent are present in the city of Shenzhen, China.

  • It is currently the highest-grossing game in the world.
  • PUBG Mobile generated over $1.3 billion in revenue in the whole fiscal year 2019.

Image Source: Sensor Tower.

  • In 2020, they have already generated over $1.5 billion in revenue until the month of June.

Image Source: Statista.

  • As of Q1 2020, the lifetime revenue for PUBG Mobile has surpassed $3 billion.
  • PUBG Mobile’s revenue saw a jump by 368% since the introduction of Royal Pass in Season 2.

  • The game is free-to-play but still, an average player spends at least $7-$10.
  • Most of the PUBG Mobile earnings come from the purchase of UC, which is the in-game currency.

PUBG Mobile eSports Stats & Facts

  • PUBG Mobile has the fastest growing eSports scene with over 1 million professional players globally.
  • 50,000 teams from 10 regions participating were participating in the PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019.

  • PMCO 2019 saw 532 million total views with 57 million total watch hours.
  • The first-ever PUBG Mobile International Tournament was PMSC (PUBG Mobile Star Challenge) 2018. Team RRQ Athena from Thailand won the championship.

  • The PUBG Mobile Event with the biggest prize pool to date is PUBG Mobile World League 2020 Season 0. This event is currently going on and has a massive prize pool of  $850,000.

  • XQF Paraboy is the most popular PUBG Mobile professional player worldwide. Scout is the most popular player from India.

Fun Facts About PUBG Mobile

  • The map Erangel got its name from the combination of Brendan Green’s daughter’s names. Their names are Eryn and Angel.

  • PUBG Mobile is the first game that telecasted an advertisement on Indian television.
  • The first game that a new player plays consists of 99 bots. So, the player can win and have an interest in the game.
  • Pochinki is a real place in Russia. And, so are a lot of locations from Erangel, Sanhok, and Miramar.

  • PUBG Mobile players are more active at night than in the day time.
  • The phrase ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’ has a dark origin. Gamblers invented it during the 1930s economic crisis period. When they won money, they could afford a chicken dinner. So, whenever they won a gamble, they exclaimed with joy and shouted the phrase.

  • ‘Death Replay’ feature got 99% upvotes in a survey from the PUBG Mobile players.

Final Take

These are some of the most interesting PUBG Mobile stats, facts, and insights. If you know about some more of them, let us all know in the comments. As time passes, PUBG Mobile continues to grow more and more, making more fans. By the end of 2020, we’ll have to make a lot of changes to this post, especially to the financial stats.

That’s all for this post. I hope you have enjoyed reading it. Feel free to share your opinions about it in the comments.