Nvidia and AMD Prices Drop More Than 50% Since January

The news has been mostly positive for those expecting to avoid paying exorbitant rates for an AMD or Nvidia GPU.

Gamers and PC fans may sigh as prices for graphics cards continue to drop, sometimes dropping below MSRP, which seems to have been caused by the current mining downturn.

In fact, since the beginning of this year, prices have decreased by a substantial margin.

Recent data from Tom’s Hardware shows that costs for AMD and Nvidia have decreased by an average of 57 percent since January, with a 14 percent decline over the previous month.

High-end hardware, such as RTX 3090 Ti or an RX 6900 XT, seems to be available today for less than its recommended selling prices, with some of them being as low as 30% off MSRP.

According to statistics from websites like eBay, most contemporary graphics cards are now being sold for less than their original prices.

Additionally, there have recently been indications that total GPU demand has decreased, probably due to a return to normalcy after the epidemic.

Since lockdowns have been lifted worldwide, fewer individuals are likely searching for PC hardware like graphics cards and CPUs since they either return to work or are no longer locked at home.

The average price on eBay dropped from $736 in May to $614 in June, a 17 percent decrease, according to Tom’s Hardware.

However, the publication does predict that certain mining cards will soon be available secondhand.

Additionally, there is the next generation to look forward to. With AMD potentially releasing RDNA 3 in October and Nvidia perhaps debuting Ada Lovelace this September, both businesses have much to gain as technology enters a new age.

Of course, there are still newbies to the market, but because Intel is having trouble launching its Arc desktop GPU internationally, it doesn’t seem like Nvidia and AMD have anything to fear from team blue.

However, pricing for new technology is beginning to appear much better. If individuals don’t mind buying through online retailers like eBay, there are more opportunities to get a current graphics card for less than MSRP.