New Zenith: Last City patch handles level scaling, Arboruht difficulty, and more

New Zenith: Last City: Developer RamenVR has released the initial update to their VR game Zenith The Final City. 

This patch modifies various game elements in response to feedback from players, creating what is supposed to be an appealing experience and offering an improved method to play longer.

The first significant change is an increase in levels scaling. The patch makes players feel more powerful and maintains a certain degree of difficulty.

 The game at the time of launch did not consider player equipment. 

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However, players felt underpowered throughout the game once the issue was resolved. 

In a follow-up note regarding the patch, the developer emphasized that they need to recruit more staff to keep up with the demands of dedicated players.

Since this patch, the challenge against the world’s most potent boss Arboruht has increased. 

The boss now has more energy, can deal more damage, and use new powers that players haven’t previously seen.

 The developers found flaws that made him more palatable to defeat and have fixed a few of them; however, they’re still working on the back end to help make the battle against Arboruht as tricky as they intended.

Additionally, and several minor fixes, Shards, the name of severs in Zenith: The Last City, were consolidated. This is because they were too numerous in the beginning to handle the increase in players. 

However, now it’s not needed to have this many. The game’s developer has also offered players an insight into the game’s first significant update; however, there’s no information about when it will be available.