Netflix Launches Category Hub to Discover Favorite Genres

Netflix is adding a new feature called the “Category Hub” to its TV menu, making it easier for people to find their favorite shows and movies. The new hub will show up on the left-hand menu of both kids’ and adults’ profiles. It lets subscribers find their favorite movie genres and learn about new ones.

The streaming service will let you look at the best movies and TV shows based on your viewing habits. It will also have collections based on holidays. Earlier this year, Netflix added Double Thumbs Up, a way for people to show what they liked on the service.

In a blog post on Thursday, Netflix said that the new Category Hub was coming. It’s now more accessible for people worldwide to find different genres and titles in one place instead of looking through titles one by one on their own.

Kids and adults can have their profiles, and both will have the Category Hub in the left-hand menu. People who use Netflix will be able to choose from the top three categories based on what they like to watch; It will have collections based on holidays like International Women’s Day and Earth Day.

It will also show general categories like action, comedy, drama, horror, and many other things.

The streaming service company is constantly making changes to its user interface. Recently, Netflix added a thumbs-based option that lets users give their opinions on what they’re watching. You can find it next to the thumbs up and down buttons on the TV, web, Android, and iOS mobile devices.

This isn’t the only thing the company is working on. They’re also testing a feature to let people share their accounts with people outside their homes for an extra fee. It tests the new features in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru, where people on its standard and premium plans can add up to two people. They can do this for free.