Mystic Messenger Emails: All Correct Answers [2021 Guide]

Mystic Messenger is a highly addictive otome game available for Android and iOS devices. Your job in the game is to invite guests to the RFA Party by answering emails to convince them. Mystic Messenger emails provide you a single chance to get the answer correct. If you get it right, the guest will come to the party. If not, you lose a guest.

That’s why it is essential to know all the correct answers beforehand. In this post, I’m sharing a cheat sheet for Mystic Messenger Email Answers. You can use this guide to play through the game and make the party a big hit. This answer sheet will save you from choosing wrong answers.

What are Mystic Messenger Emails & How do they work?

Mystic Messenger is a popular otome game having an addictive storyline. You play as a female lead who has downloaded a mysterious app that introduces you to living in a close and secure apartment owned by Rika. Your main goal is to organize and host a party for RFA (Rika’s Fundraising Association). For hosting the party, you have to deal with a lot of guests in order to convince them to join the party.

The whole storyline of the game consists of 11 days. The party is held on the 11th day and you get 10 days to invite guests. You have to give your best to invite and bring as many people as you can to join the party. You need at least 10 guests to have a good ending in the game.

However, if you are playing the V and Ray router, you will need at least 15 guests for the best ending. The method to invite guests via email will remain the same in both modes. Their attendance at the party depends on how you respond to their emails.

How to Invite Guests to the Party with Mystic Messenger Emails?

If you understand Mystic Messenger well, inviting guests and making them attend the party via email is not complicated. It’ll be a simple task, but only when you have the right guide. There are a few things that you have to remember to invite guests to join the party.

You will have to answer the potential guest’s emails three times within the 10 days of the storyline. If you fail to answer their emails or answer them incorrectly, they will not come to the party. A guest will only come when you will provide all three answers correctly without a fail.

Note: When you answer three emails correctly, you will see three green arrows. And, when your answer is incorrect, you will see an orange arrow.

All Correct Answers For Mystic Messenger Emails [Each Guest]

Getting all the answers correct for guest emails is the key to ace Mystic Messenger. However, guessing them can never guarantee 100% accuracy. That’s why we have developed this Mystic Messenger Email Guide (rather, a cheat sheet) to help you.

In this guide, I’m sharing the correct answers for each guest that you can invite. Every guest in Mystic Messenger has an “@” symbol in their name. I’ll provide all the answers according to their names in alphabetic order. You can find answers for any guest by going through the cheat sheet.

Guests starting with A


  1. Cat allergy
  2. Beef and seaweed soup
  3. I might be allergic to guests not attending the party.


  1. Monet
  2. The Louvre
  3. Cantabile

Guests starting with B


  2. I’ll look forward to your next video! ????
  3. Report them.


  1. 100% interest rate
  2. Swiss bank.
  3. $1.2 million all in cash.


  1. Arabica coffee!
  2. Drip brewing.
  3. Italian


  1. Don’t worry!
  2. Lock U Up Silver Bracelet.
  3. Claw machines at the mall.

Guests starting with C


  1. Cat buffet.
  2. How about people putting on a show?
  3. Cat limousine!


  1. Head meow!
  2. Odd eye meow!
  3. Crystal litter.


  1. Of course!
  2. Give them food and wait.
  3. Social media sites.


  1. 3 cups, chef
  2. You mix as if you’re cutting, chef.
  3. 20 minutes


  1. Green.
  2. Poke it out with a straw!
  3. Diamond


  1. I saw it onYoutube!
  2. The face of a generous looking granfa… I mean, you , the owner!
  3. Cheese is the way of the world!


  1. Noon.
  2. Yellow and black.
  3. Candlelight.


  1. The rock band Imagine Mythical Creatures
  2. Limited edition title change ticket
  3. Create a banner of the winner.


  1. Borborry~
  2. It is Verragamo
  3. Flower bed of pretty boys

Guests starting with D


  1. Hawk Pose
  2. Shiny White
  3. Silk underwear with scarf


  1. I know the vanished seven treasure islands.
  2. Yoosung’s LOLOL exploration
  3. Jaehee


  1. The seal is unlocked!!!
  2. Black
  3. The rise of the fire dragon slumbering within the eyes!!!

Guests starting with E


  1. There’s this person called Jaehee….
  2. Games with soda as prizes.
  3. It’s because you’re too smart.


  1. I wanted to help you.
  2. I want to go see a movie, but I don’t have anyone to go with. What do I do?
  3. I really hope you come to our party.

Guests starting with F


  1. A rainbow colored floppy disk model.
  2. Windows 8.1 3711 disks.
  3. Obtain a limited edition cassette tape and hide it.


  1. All to the bank!
  2. Bank passbook
  3. We split it up.

Guests starting with G


  1. Jumin’s cat
  2. Jalapeno’s Photobook
  3. Zen’s underwear


  1. Wow! Amazing that I get to talk to God!
  2. I am your daughter.
  3. I think you’ll walk into the party room like a normal person.


  1. Driver shape.
  2. Shoes that dry quickly.
  3. Leather that does not wear out.

Guests starting with H


  1. Lucky Kim (whispers)
  2. He’s an oldie, 80 years old.
  3. Not Grandma! Grandmother!


  1. Lots of people with warm hearts!
  2. Rice, soup, green salad, backed salmon, fried eggs
  3. Sell Small Issue Magazine


  1. Hippocratic oath.
  2. Request exam results.
  3. Comparing several hospitals


  1. Filial Piety
  2. Confucius
  3. Be healthy.

Guests starting with I


  1. How about Scheam?
  2. Nameless
  3. Why don’t you participate in a game convention?

Guests starting with K


  1. Ergonomics.
  2. ctrl + c
  3. Movie


  1. Compete with your son.
  2. Drifting.
  3. Car from when you were young Pong!

Guests starting with L


  1. Call the police!
  2. Say hello!
  3. I think you’ll give them a kick in the butt.


  1. Dia.
  2. Of course lol
  3. Play LOLOL together.


  1. Headset
  2. Focus on balance
  3. Blood Dragon


  1. Meowmeow, (notice the comma)
  2. Miumiumi!
  3. Nyannyan!

Guests starting with M


  1. Bae screen wedding
  2. Tripter Tript invitations
  3. Use screenshot function!


  1. Maybe… maybe… Diamond Pharmaceuticals…?
  2. It’s Diamond Pharmaceuticals.
  3. Diamond Pharmaceuticals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Pink bandage.
  2. Coffin with lace all around
  3. Life size marble statue of Pharaoh


  1. Of course.
  2. The chance to discover a gem!
  3. Your face reflected on thy eyes.


  1. The best of all pens in the nation, BIK.
  2. “Sear the end with a lighter.”
  3. Classic is best


  1. Personalized framed cross-stitch.
  2. Buy her handcuffs.
  3. Give her a bouquet of jasmine.


  1. A film about the environment
  2. Realism.
  3. Cannes, Venice, Berlin


  1. Zen.
  2. This production of “The Red Pepper Was So Hot”
  3. Get the help of college student.

Guests starting with N


  1. Luciel
  2. [your name]
  3. Jihae


  1. Treatment of getting locked up in a room of mirrors.
  2. He takes a lot of selfies.
  3. Lake Na


  1. Yes, there is injustice going on so please come to our party and help us!
  2. There’s no story of a magical girl who’s not violent.
  3. It’s cool… Completely suits you ????


  1. Green
  2. Long enough to do well with my eyes closed!
  3. Get a camel through the eye of a needle.


  1. Baleman
  2. Onthestellar
  3. Leonardo Dicappucino

Guests starting with O


  1. Fancy party! Lots of parking space!!
  2. Of course!
  3. Bald


  1. To the freezer!
  2. Bubblewrap on the window.
  3. Fried rice.

Guests starting with P


  1. Silvervine
  2. Salmon fish sauce
  3. Fish – shape


  1. Netizens
  2. A law must be implemented that protect reporters.
  3. I cannot tell you that.

Guests starting with R


  1. Antigua.
  2. Whole beans.
  3. 15 days.


  1. Of course!
  2. You One and Only Top Star
  3. Kiss!


  1. It’s an extravagant and elegant party.
  2. I recommend you take the Olymbus X20.
  3. I recommend you take the heavy professional Ganon camera.

Guests starting with S


  1. He is very practical.
  2. More than enough.
  3. Just your normal attire.


  1. Korea
  2. Because it’s cool.
  3. Gold


  1. First. Leave the phone in the living rom and go to your room.
  2. Leave the battery only half charged.
  3. Popcorn brain.


  1. A man’s word is his bond!
  2. You’re girlfriend will love that!
  3. You’ll be useless if you give up now


  1. Hi, I’m Youngsoo. I got your number through Chulsoo.
  2. Wear a watch!
  3. Asking is not a challenge but a confirmation.


  1. Memories of my first kiss✩
  2. I want to eat it!
  3. I have to make a wish!


  1. Tell them to invest in stocks.
  2. Not losing all your money
  3. Chief Assistant Jaehee Kang

Guests starting with T


  1. Of course!
  2. Stick
  3. At the party!


  1. Everyone has small feet!
  2. Chinese
  3. Nimtendo


  1. Call the zoo!
  2. Stock prices of peach drinks are going up.
  3. It means your grades! Two Fs!


  1. Whoopee~~ Beat drums~~
  2. Whoopee~~
  3. Oh my dear sun~~ Lay your passion upon us~

Guests starting with U


  1. So much time!
  2. C&R Director
  3. Old man under the moon.

Guests starting with W


  1. Red wine.
  2. Ice wine
  3. Jumin


  1. Art organizations will be joining.
  2. XOXOforeverurlovely#1star
  3. Flies off to space.


  1. What are you interested in these days.
  2. Who says you’re late! You didn’t even try.
  3. Convince your parents

Guests starting with Y


  1. Night owl
  2. Read for self-improvement
  3. Health management

Final Words

Mystic Messenger is a very addictive otome game, and if you wish to ace it on the first attempt, this email guide is all you want. This cheat sheet will help you to guess all the correct answers and invite the required number of guests easily. You are sure to get a happy ending by using these answers. Even if you are playing the “Another Story” mode, you can easily find the answers for the related people above.

That’s all for this post. I hope it helps you to find all the correct answers. Feel free to share any Mystic Messenger tips and tricks in the comments section below.