Most Used Emojis of 2021

Most Used Emojis: Unicode Consortium, the not-for-profit company responsible for digitizing the world’s languages, has released data on the most widely used emojis of 2021. 

“Face with tears of Joy is the first emoji in the rankings and is followed by ‘red heart.’ The third game is represented by “rolling around across the floor laughing and thumbs-up and the fifth position is filled by ‘loud cry face.’ 

Unicode Consortium had not released information for 2020, but the top ten emojis were identical.

In a blog post that lists the most popular Emojis of 2018, “folded hands” is in the sixth spot, as it did in the year 2019. The ‘face blowing kisses is now in the seventh position from ninth in the previous year. 

The emoji ‘two hearts’ is no longer on the top ten list of emojis and has been replaced by the smiling face with heart’ Emoji. The smiling face and smiling eyes emoji are lowered to the tenth spot from the previous fifth position in the year 2019. 

The emoji ‘two hearts’ has been lowered to the 16th position in 2021.

Unicode notifies us that the list of top 200 has more leaps. The most notable gainers were the birthday cake emojis that moved up to the 25th spot from its previous number of 113. 

The emoji ‘balloon’ is now at the 48th spot from the previous 139th position and the ‘pleading face Emoji is currently in the 14th spot from the previous 97th place.

Within sub-categories the ‘rocket ship’ emoji has been the most commonly used in the transport category, while the ‘flexed bicep Emoji is the most widely utilized in the parts of the body category. The word “bouquet” is widely utilized in the category, while “butterfly” is the most popular animal Emoji. 

“Person doing cartwheel” might seem to not be the most trending game around the globe. However, it is believed as the world’s most popular “person-sport” which is a symbol of joy and happiness.

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