25 Best Minecraft Resource Packs (Texture Packs)

Minecraft is a game that you can play for hours without taking a break. But, looking at the same style of the world make the things a bit boring sometimes. Using the right Minecraft Resource Packs can help you in this situation. These resource packs or texture packs can tweak the visuals and change the game looks and feels. They can add limitless effects and overhauls to enhance everything. If you are trying to find some good ones, I’ve got you covered.

Here, I will tell you about 25 Best Minecraft Resource Packs that can help you enhance the game style and visuals. Additionally, I’ll also explain how to install these. So, nothing will confuse you while trying to play.

Best Minecraft Resource Packs to Install in 2020

Since the launch in 2009, and acquisition by Microsoft in 2014, Minecraft has come a long way. But, one thing that never changed was how the game looks and feels. As these are never shaken since the beginning, sometimes it may appear a bit bland. Thanks to the witty army of modders and artists around the world, you can now shake up how the game looks and feels. The Minecraft Resource Packs, also known as Texture Packs, can help you transform the Minecraft world in any way you want.

There is a long list of Resource Packs that are worth giving a try. There are fan-made ones and there are official paid ones as well. Out of that huge list, I’ve compiled here the best ones for you. Just go through this list and you’ll have plenty of options to use no matter what sort of a player you are.

Note: Minecraft Resource Packs only work with the classic version of Minecraft, the Java Edition.


Depixel is a well-known resource pack that is mostly used by the OGs. This texture pack works in such a manner that the original style stays intact and you all get a fresh new look. If you are the one who just wants to do little tuning while maintaining the original game style of Minecraft, this is the right pack for you to install.

Modern HD Pack

Modern HD Pack makes sure that you are able to give your game a fresh look. It has a good collection of new minimalistic textures for building materials. You can use them to create modern buildings and architecture. The best part here is that all those textures are way higher in quality than the vanilla textures. There is a lot to explore in this pack, even the tiniest details are re-worked.

Retro NES

If you’ve been a fan of NES games since your childhood, the Retro NES resource pack can help you bring back the 8-bit memories. With this pack, you can turn the Minecraft world into a world that is very much inspired by the NES game visuals. You just have to collect the Nether and turn the world into a big browser fortress.

Star Wars

Star Wars is an amazing texture pack for the fans of the Star Wars series. As the name suggests, it can help you turn the Minecraft world into a sci-fi inspired one. The swords are changed to lightsabers, the bow has changed to stormtrooper’s gun, and even the sound effects are reworked. Just give it a try once and you’ll feel like watching The Last Jedi in Minecraft.

oCd Texture Pack

oCd Texture Pack is another option to give your game a retro 2-D look. This pack is very much inspired by the pixel art found in several modern 2-D games. The graphics are pixelated. This helps to define each and every block clearly and eliminate the harsh edges of the vanilla textures.


Isabella is a resource pack for players who crave a smooth, subtle, and muted look. This pack offers gentle shading that provides a softer tone, warmer wood, faded stone, and many other changes that give the game a more natural look. If you want your Minecraft world to appear like it is carved out of a giant block, this is perfect pack for you.

Default 3-D

Default 3-D is the resource for players who are bored with the flat textures of Minecraft. It adds the 3-D versions of all the basic textures to drastically change the world. The world even gets filled with more characters. Every little detail appears way more perfect and exotic when you install this pack.


UrbanCraft is the perfect resource pack if you are interested in building cities on a large scale. It can help you create sky-touching skyscrapers, high-rise flats, and many more modern buildings and architectures. Just install this, and start creating your own city inspired by New York City or even Dubai, maybe.

Super Mario

If you’ve spent your whole childhood trying to help Mario save his princess, the Super Mario resource pack is the one you must install right now. The textures of this pack appear like someone from Nintendo has designed them. Everything is in 16-bit visuals and the whole world looks bright and pretty.


SummerFields is an amazing resource pack that can help you give a fresher look to the world. With this pack, the browns feel like they are glowing, the green appears more radiant, the sun rays appear shinier, and even the Sun looks more realistic. The whole world becomes too beautiful to look at when you install this pack.


JoliCraft is a unique resource pack that helps you to fill the survival game with mysteries and new life. It replaces the basic vanilla textures with jam-packed ones. It is very much inspired by the classic fantasy games set in the medieval age. So, if you are a fan of those, this resource pack is the perfect choice for you.

Adventure Time Craft

As the name suggests, Adventure Time Craft is a resource pack that is inspired by the popular cartoon, Adventure Time. There are two types of people in this world, the ones who like Adventure Time, and the others who don’t. If you fall in the former category, then you should try this pack. There are many possibilities to build game-inspired architectures when using this pack.

Complete List of All Best Minecraft Resource Packs

  1. Depixel
  2. Modern HD Pack
  3. Retro NES
  4. Star Wars
  5. oCd Texture Pack
  6. Cartoon Default
  7. Default 3-D
  8. UrbanCraft
  9. Super Mario
  10. SummerFields
  11. JoliCraft
  12. Adventure Time Craft
  13. Sphax PureBDCraft
  14. Ovo’s Rustic
  15. Halo Minecraft Wars
  16. Sugarpack
  17. John Smith
  18. Conquest Resource Pack
  19. SCC Photo Realistic Universe
  20. Chroma Hills
  21. Radiant Pixels
  22. Dragon Dance
  23. Full of Life
  24. ItemBound
  25. Painterly Pack

How to Install Minecraft Resource Packs?

Once you have decided which resource pack you need to use, then you must know how to install it. So, you can use it and change the way your game looks and feels. Installing Minecraft Resource packs is pretty simple. If you want to learn how to do that, follow the simple steps below.

Step-1: Pick a Resource Pack and download it on your PC. If it is in a .Zip file format, then don’t extract it.

Step-2: Load up Minecraft and click on Options.

Step-3: Next, click on Resource Packs.

Step-4: Now open the Resource Packs folder and drag the Resource Pack file into it.

Step-5: The Resource Pack will then appear in the list of usable add-ons. Select it and then click on  Done.

That’s it. If you are having any problems with certain Minecraft resource packs, then you may need to roll-back the version of Minecraft you are playing on.

Final Words

Resource Packs are a great way to give your Minecraft experience a whole new look. There are limitless possibilities that you can achieve with the help of the right set of resource packs. These are the 25 best Minecraft resource packs that you can use in 2020 and beyond. If you know about some more good ones, let us know in the comments below. Also, make sure you share the specialties of it.

That’s all for this post. I hope you find it helpful.