Master Roshi gameplay guide for Dragon Ball FighterZ

Master Roshi gameplay guide: This is the first and hopefully the last of our guide to gameplay to Dragon Ball FighterZ

Today we’ll cover the most recent DLC character, which just came out on September 18 to everyone, along with the balance update Master Roshi.

 In the guide, we’ll present a broad description of the character and then discuss his most critical routine moves, specials supers, assists, and suggestions on team synergy.

 There’s plenty to learn about this character, and we’ll get to it.

For those unfamiliar with numerical fighting game notation, please check out this handy guide from Dust loop so you can

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Master Roshi is by far the most difficult tech-savvy character within the game.

 It is not the ideal character for novice players. Instead, Roshi behaves more like the traditional fighter character, with numerous combinations in every situation.

Characters from Dragon Ball FighterZare often accused of being simplistic or tedious. 

Master Roshi is the exact opposite, and we’ll explain why shortly.

The most crucial thing to understand regarding Master Roshi is that he doesn’t have a super dash.

 Each person in the game can execute a high-speed homing dash to get close to opponents and manage air-based combinations.

In the world of Dragon Ball, Master Roshi is unable to fly. But, unfortunately, he isn’t able to fly. 

Dash, but in DBFZ that relies on mobility, Roshi instead has a variety of jumping moves. When the information was first discovered, many people were concerned that he could have the same fate as Videl.

Videl isn’t equipped with a normal reflection, which significantly hinders her ability to compete.

 The main difference between Videl as well as Master Roshi, however, is that the former is armed with an array of gimmicks and tools to compensate for the absence of a high-speed dash, which we’ll talk about in the future.

Roshi’s arsenal of maneuvers based on mobility is also a sign that he can use various strategies to confuse his opponent even without assistance.

It’s only natural that in a game filled with creatures that can take over entire planets just by coughing, Master Roshi is required to work to keep pace.

However, in the hands of a skilled gamer, Master Roshi can feel invincible.

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