LoLzZz Gaming Real Name, BGMI ID, Income, and More.

LoLzZz Gaming Real Name: PUBG Mobile has enabled several Indian gamers to become well-known Gamers and YouTube producers of content. 

One of the most popular can be LoLzZz Gaming.

 Are you aware of the name of who LoLzZz Gaming is and which state is his home? 

If not, then you may not be an active PUBG Mobile player or Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) player, but If you were, you would have been aware of him.

There are a lot of fans on social media who want to learn more regarding LoLzZz Gaming, including his real name and PUBG Mobile ID. net worth, BGMI ID, and sensitivity settings. 


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Without further delay, Let’s begin:

What is LoLzZz Gaming?

LoLzZz Gaming is a YouTube channel from India.

 It was launched in March 2017, and since it’s been in existence, it’s racked up more than 300 million views.

 Many users are shocked because it only uploads videos for PUBG Mobile and BGMI and has gained more than 864K subscribers over just four years.

 If you’ve never seen videos from LoLzZz Gaming, then click on this link.

What Is The Real Name of LoLzZz Gaming?

LoLzZz Gaming’s actual title LoLzZz Gaming is Yash Thacker.


Yes, the video posted to this YouTube channel is indeed Yash Thacker.

How Old Is Yash Thacker (LoLzZz Gaming)?

According to reports in the media, Yash Thacker is merely 21 years old. According to the unconfirmed truth, he is from Bhuj Gujarat but is now in Mumbai.

LoLzZz Gaming BGMI ID 

The BGMI ID of Yash Thacker is — 526040141. His IGN is LoLzZz.

LoLzZz Gaming PUBG Mobile ID 

The PUBG Mobile ID of LoLzZz Gaming is — 526040141

LoLzZz Gaming Income / Net worth

According to the information featured in the data on Noxinfluencer, Yash Thacker’s monthly earnings are between $1.1K up to $2.93K. 

Suppose you take the information on the website the actor has earned around $68K in the first month of his YouTube content. 

However, this isn’t the only way YouTube creators use to earn money. 

In addition to Google Adsense, they make enormous money marketing brands and selling affiliate products.

PC Specifications

Here are the specifications of his computer:

  • AMD Ryzen 9 3900x
  • 1080 8GB GPU
  • 16 GB Ram
  • 250 GB SSD