Krafton and Square Enix worked together to make PUBG New State and Nier collab.

PUBG New State and Nier collab: Krafton has announced a deal with Square Enix to make a game called PUBG New State and the NieR series work together.

This comes as the fifth anniversary of NieR Automata, the second game in the NieR series, is coming up.

The specifics of the partnership haven’t been revealed, but there will likely be in-game skins and items, like other collaborations with IP like Arcane, Jujutsu Kaisen, and more.

This is the second time PUBG New State has worked with another company since November 2021.

The first was the Bugatti Rimac, which brought its new car model into the game.

As a way to celebrate the fifth anniversary of NieR Automata, Square Enix is bringing back a collaboration they did with the game five years ago.

In February 2021, Square Enix released NieR Reincarnation for iOS and Android. It was part of the NieR series.

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