Is Shiny Plusle available in Pokemon GO?

Shiny Plusle available: When was the last time it became the norm that each generation of Pokemon has to have their version of Pikachu? So Gen 2 introduced Pichu; Gen 3 brought Plusle and Minun; Gen 4 brought Pachirisu and more. 

I understand that Pikachu is the most popular character in the series. 

However, you don’t find Disney introducing Mickey Mouse knock-offs every couple of years. 

At least not anymore. Speaking of small electric creatures, is there a shining Plusle included in Pokemon Go?

It’s been confirmed for the next Spotlight Hour on January 18th at 6:00 pm in the local time zone; the most talked-about Pokemon is Plusle, The positive part of Gen 3’s private Pikachu duo. 

During Spotlight Hour, Pluses will appear in more significant quantities across the globe. 

All catches are guaranteed to yield double catch candy (not because it’s essential because Plusle does not evolve).

 With the number of Pluses appearing, you may wonder about your chances of getting a sparkling one. 

So. do you? You indeed do.

Shiny Plusle is in Pokemon GO??

The Plusle’s shiny variant was introduced in Pokemon Go at the Pokemon GameFest in 2018. 

It is entirely possible to come across one during the enhanced growth of The Spotlight Hour. 

However, the unique coloration of the shiny Plusle can make it somewhat difficult to differentiate from its standard counterpart.

 The primary difference between a normal Plusle and the glossy Plusle is that the shining ones cheeks, ears, and fingers are more red-colored shade. Naturally, that massive explosion of sparkling that is the hallmark of each shiny Pokemon can still throw you off when you meet one, so you don’t have to be particularly cautious about it.