Is Kinguin Legit for Windows & Game Keys ?

Imagine if I tell you about a website where you can get a Windows operating system for one-fourth price of the official Windows website? I know your obvious question would be whether it is a legitimate Windows key that you will get or not. But first, let us understand what do we mean by legitimate. The meaning of legitimate is a bit tricky here, that is, if you want that the key should actually work by activating your Windows PC, then probably you are at the right place and Kinguin will help you for that. now Your next question would probably be is Kinguin legit?

But there comes a catch, when we talk about being legitimate in other way, Kinguin is not. That means, if you think that buying a Windows key or a game key from this place (website) is legal, then let us tell you that it is not. So if you are only concerned about the working of the keys and value for the money for keys you bought at heavy discounts, you need not worry. But if you are concerned about the legal legitimacy of the same and want to use Windows for commercial purpose then you may need to think a bit. Hence, we are writing this article to help you decide on that is kinguin safe. has anyone of you used Kinguin before? what do you think Is Kinguin Legit? We know most people will be concerned about legal legitimacy of Kinguin also and so we are writing this to help you gain insights on the same.

Is Kinguin Legit? How Does Kinguin Work?

Now you might be thinking by now that how does Kinguin obtain genuine or authentic Windows and game keys, the answer to that is Kinguin does not sell the keys themselves. It acts like a platform for buyers and sellers or a marketplace where people can sell their Windows Keys or their game keys or buy them. On Kinguin, you can find everything from the Professional and Home versions of Windows 7, 8, 10 to the game keys for popular games like PUBG. You can even find software like antivirus or Microsoft office for fraction of price than the official prices. For example, when we visited Kinguin, we found Windows 10 professional for € 25.99 and Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus at € 32.99. All that along with guidelines for installation and system requirements and description of software.

Moreover, we also found various available payment options such as paypal, visa, payu and Bitcoin. Further, it also showed offers from recommended sellers giving us a choice from whom to buy.

what if you buy the key Through Kinguin and it does not work?

You must be thinking by know that everything looks good but what if you buy the key and it does not work. Yes, there have been instances where a user purchased a game key from seller on Kinguin and when he tried to activate the same, he got a message that the key was already in use.( check this reddit post discussion ). The reason for this is Kinguin does not check if the sellers have posted working keys or not. We got to know this when we searched for user experiences on the legitimacy of Kinguin on internet. In fact, there have been many instances where buyers faced similar issues. Even worse is that buyers have to face a hard time with Kinguin’s support to get a working key or refund of money. You can read about such cases while searching on Google. Though, during our visit to Kinguin website, we found a solution to this problem on the product pages. And the solution is below:

Is Kinguin Legit

As you can see, the penguin that appears with a tick in the pop up that will appear above buy button gives you an option to protect yourself from such frauds. However, it is not as simple as check marking that box but you will also have to pay an additional € 5 to Kinguin in order to ensure such fraud doesn’t happen to you. If you do not opt for this protection, then you as a buyer will have to take full responsibility for any potential fraud issues as mentioned in the above screenshot. Also to be noted that it is not necessary that the protection fee not exceed € 5, it may be even more depending on the software key you are buying but usually it will not exceed € 7 for most softwares. However, you should also consider that the total cost of the key will anyway be a lot lesser than any other marketplace where you will buy fresh keys.

By now we had understood that it is implied that we there is no option for buyers but to buy the keys only along with buyer protection. We again know that this makes entire idea of Kinguin sceptical, but we need to be considerate as this is how their business works in the absence of any direct fees on buyers. Ultimately, you know that you are going to get the product in the cheapest price possible.

how do the sellers on Kinguin get these keys?

The next possible question that might arise here is that how do the sellers on Kinguin get these keys and why do they sell the keys at such a lower price. There is no clear justification of where these keys come from but it is rumoured that there was a case where hackers who purchased the game codes from a top gaming company with a stolen credit card, sold those keys on Kinguin. You might be aware of cases where goods used to be stolen from traditional brick and mortar stores, this is a similar case where it happens in virtual world.

In such cases, it is possible that the gaming company will identify such stolen keys and simply revoke access of such users. However, it is again not necessary that you will get only such stolen or unethically obtained keys from this marketplace, they might be genuinely bought from official stores and sold on Kinguin when no longer needed also. Anyway, you will not be able to identify from what kind of seller you are purchasing from.

So now the decision lies up to you, if you are not concerned from where did the sellers come and how did they buy keys, whether they obtained the keys ethically or unethically, then you may feel free to explore Kinguin. If you don’t like to purchase the keys at cheaper costs if they are unethically stolen and sold, then you should think twice before buying from Kinguin. But before you choose to buy, we would like to ethically highlight a communication from Microsoft about purchasing a Windows key from an unauthorised third party seller. Thanks for reading the article.

Note: we will make sure whatever content we write is helpful to our reader. all the information provided here is only for information purpose only.

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Is Kinguin Legit for Windows & Game Keys ?
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has anyone of you used Kinguin before ? what do you think Is Kinguin Legit ? We know most people will be concerned about legal legitimacy of Kinguin also and so we are writing this to help you gain insights on the same.

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