How to Install and Use Tweakbox on iPhone

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Today in this article, we will tell you a brief knowledge about the Tweakbox and detailed information of getting it into your iPhone, iPad or any other apple device.

As most of you already know that there are many unofficial but very useful apps that cannot be found in your in-built Apple app store. For getting those apps on your phone, you will need a third-party installer app i.e., the TweakBox app. We will also guide you to know how to use it and give you an overview about its features. So, continue reading to learn everything about the Tweakbox.

What is TweakBox?

TweakBox is the most used and best performer app of all time when it comes to installer apps in the market. It is specially made for apple users out there as you can use on your iPhone, iPad or any other apple device. So basically, it is a third-party app used for downloading all those purposeful apps that are not officially present on the Apple app store. Most importantly, it does not require your device to be jailbroken for proper working.

There are many other installer apps in the market and you are thinking that why to choose Tweakbox. Here comes the top reasons for installing it in your device:

  • Tweakbox supports all of the Apple devices
  • Comes with a collection of premium movies apps, screen recorders apps and many more
  • Also features Tweaked apps to improve iOS functioning
  • Comes with a lot of options of unofficial games
  • Faster in speed as compared to Emus4u and Cydia
  • Secure source for downloading apps as compared to other installer apps
  • Accepted by millions over the globe

How to Install TweakBox in Your Apple Device

install tweakbox


Till now, we have discussed about the overview of TweakBox and now it’s time to learn how to install this app on your Apple device. For that, I’m providing you with the simple step to step tutorial given below. Go through this carefully and follow these steps in the same order as given:

  1. In your Apple device, start by visiting this link:
  2. Now you will see this app icon with an Install Now button below it
  3. Click on that button and if asked for permission, allow it to proceed
  4. A new popup will appear confirming about the completion of Download
  5. Click on the ‘Close’ button and get back to the home screen
  6. Now navigate to Settings> Profile Downloaded
  7. Here you will see TweakBox app, click on the ‘Install’ button
  8. Enter the Passcode if asked to do so
  9. Again click on the Install button
  10. Now finally tap on the ‘Done’ button
  11. Revert back to the Home Screen and launch the installed app

How to Use TweakBox in Your iOS Device

After using TweakBox, you came to know that there are mainly four different categories in it. Those categories include; Appstore apps, TweakBox Apps, Tweaked Apps, and last but not least Hacked Games. So, all of these four sections cover the entire collection of apps and games.

In some cases, the apps you download through TweakBox requires to enable ‘Allow apps from Unknown Resources’ option. This option is located in the Settings and you can configure it by following the steps given below:

  • Navigate to the Settings
  • Open ‘General’ section in it
  • Select Profiles & Device Management inside it
  • Now click on the text written below the Enterprise App
  • After that click on the Trust button
  • Click on the Trust button again if required

Here your configuration process is finished and you are ready to use it in your Apple device. You will see that after following this procedure carefully, you will be able to run those installed apps without any restriction. Now let’s move forward in this article to take a quick overview about the TweakBox app.

A Quick Overview of TweakBox App

TweakBox is an amazing installer app with extremely faster than other apps of this niche. For instance, it is around 91% faster than cydia and around 19% faster than the Emus4U app which is a significant lead. TweakBox app installer is available with numerous devices including iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro and even for Android OS also. TweakBox  has more than 2,000 pre stored apps divided into four categories as we discussed earlier.

Appstore apps includes free official apps which require to be paid if installed from the official Apple app store. TweakBox apps section include special apps to boost up your device and improve the overall functioning.  Now it comes about the Tweaked apps category which includes basic apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and many others.

The different thing about these apps is that they come with some type of special modifications. At last, the Hacked games section is the most interesting section as it features modded versions of games. If you are a gamer then this section is specially made for you.

Note:  I personally suggest you to not use this app without an active VPN application. There is no doubt that this is a safe application but in the end, it is a third-party app. So for precautionary purposes, one must use IPVanish for better and safer usage.

Final Words

So finally you know basic information about TweakBox and how to install it in your Apple device. There are many advantages of TweakBox over other installer apps which are discussed already in this article before. One most important thing is that you must use a VPN app like IPVanish to establish and assure a secure connection. It also prevents you from getting tracked by ISPs.

I hope you got to know everything about TweakBox and its features. If you have any doubts related to the content given on this article then feel free to ask by commenting in the comment box. You can also reach out to us through email that is given already in this website.

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