Is a Project Management Professional Bootcamp Worth it?

So you have decided to take a step ahead in your career and looking for a managerial role. One of the best roles you can become eligible for is the project manager. An integral part of every industry, project managers hold the crucial responsibility of bringing industry projects to successful completion. Achieving such a credential requires years of work experience and rich domain knowledge. Now you may have the relevant skills of a project manager and good experience too. However, don’t you think there could be a better way to achieve this designation faster? Well, there is a credential administered by the renowned Project Management Institute (PMI) which can verify your project management skills and help you establish your career as a seasoned project manager. It is none other than the Project Management Professional or PMP certification.

The PMP certification is the best you can achieve for taking your project management career to new heights. It is highly valued across industries and paves your way to a high-paying career. The credential has gained so much popularity that many people enroll in Project Management Professional Bootcamp to pass the PMP certification exam and reap the various career benefits associated with it. No doubt, PMP involves passing a rigorous exam, and as part of the eligibility criteria, you need to have 35 hours of formal project management education/training. Therefore, enrolling in an online PMP Bootcamp makes sense and preparing better for the exam.

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This article gives you all the reasons why a project management professional Bootcamp is worth enrolling in.

Top Reasons Why You Should Enroll in a PMP Bootcamp

Mentioned below are some of the important reasons why you be relying on a PMP Bootcamp.

Step-by-step guidance

To pass the PMP exam, it is important that you start with the basics, move on to the intermediate, and then go for the advanced concepts. However, you may not know which topics to cover first if you choose self-study. A training course, on the other hand, gives you ready study materials and is designed by industry experts who are well aware of the topics. It means they will make your syllabus easy to follow, and you won’t end up getting confused.

PMP formal training is mandatory

If you look at the eligibility criteria for PMP certification, the PMI asks for 35 hours of formal training in project management. The other option available is to hold a CAPM certification (another credential offered by PMI), which not everybody finds feasible. There are PMI-authorized training providers whose courses are aligned with the latest PMP syllabus and prepare you well for the exam. So why not enroll in one such course and fulfill your eligibility criteria as well?

Involves practical exposure

A PMP Bootcamp covers not only theoretical classes but also involves real-world industry projects, case studies, interactive quizzes, and a capstone project to give you the necessary practical knowledge. By working on industry projects, you will understand how it feels to step into the shoes of a project manager and handle the assigned responsibilities. You will also become well-versed in using certain project management tools like Jira, Minitab, MS Excel, Grunt, and Apache ANT.

Appear for mock tests

Some reliable training providers that offer PMP Bootcamps also give learners access to PMP simulation exams. Such practice tests are designed quite similarly to the actual exam and help participants understand how well-prepared they are. They also give an idea of what sections you are good at and which ones need more attention. Moreover, by solving questions in a limited time, you will understand how to manage time for each section so as not to miss out on any questions.

Learn from PMP-certified professionals

PMI-authorized training providers ensure that your mentors are PMP-certified professionals. The benefit of learning from them is that they have already gone through this rigorous exam and know what tips and tricks actually help solve questions in a better way. They can share such useful tips with the learners and guide them in the right direction. If a Bootcamp is offered in partnership with a renowned University, then the trainers would be highly experienced and world-class project management faculty.

More chances of clearing the exam

The PMP exam is tough, indeed, and you would want to pass it in a single try and avoid going through retakes. The idea of retaking may disappoint you and affect your studies. So, it is better to invest in a PMP training course and put all your efforts into clearing the exam in your initial step. The sooner you get certified, the faster you will be able to reap its career benefits.

Wrap Up

Project management is one of the most promising career options these days. Moreover, with the ongoing digital transformation, the demand for project managers is only going to increase. Presently, digital project managers are what companies are seeking, professionals who can manage web-enabled projects and bring them to successful completion. So, get PMP certified today and brace yourself for the future of work.

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