Intel Arc GPUs Get Release Windows

Intel Arc GPUs: The Intel Arc series has been the focus of speculation for several months.

It is codenamed Alchemist; the GPU is specifically designed to meet gaming demands.

Even though Intel has for a long time developed integrated graphics solutions for their CPU line-up, this Intel Arc series is different because it comes with discrete GPUs targeted at players and builders of PCs.

In the meantime, Intel has announced release dates for the highly-anticipated Intel Arc GPU range, which is expected to be a competitor to Nvidia and AMD across various products.

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Intel announced its release date via a tweet on the Twitter account @IntelGraphics.

Intel plans to launch the GPU offerings in a sluggish manner beginning with notebook GPUs expected to be released in the second quarter of this year.

Intel will follow this next quarter with their desktop line-up and conclude in Q3 with workstation-grade GPUs, should everything go well.

Intel claims its GPU plan as being the beginning of a new age.

With benchmark leaks revealing that Intel Arc’s Intel Arc GPU beats the Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti in terms of test scores, It’s not surprising that gamers are hopeful that the Intel Arc series could be the solution for problems with the GPU shortage.

Intel is already looking ahead to 2023, with a detailed roadmap, including a possible GPU codenamed Battlemage The company is “increasingly convinced” of their plan.

Intel Arc is a new series of GPUs. Intel Arc line is built on Intel’s Intel Xe GPU architecture and will feature Xe Super Sampling, which Intel calls “AI-enhanced scaling.”

These features have been a significant factor in the final few GPU designs, with Nvidia having a similar system known as DLSS and AMD rivaling them with their FidelityFX upscaling technology.

Intel, the CEO Pat Gelsinger, hopes to increase Nvidia’s pressure by putting pressure on Nvidia, with Intel trying to compete with AMD’s Nvidia GeForce and AMD Radeon lineups that have both recently been updated.

At CES 2022 in Las Vegas, Nvidia revealed a number of its new GPUs. One of them was GTX 1050, which will offer DLSS and raytracing with 60FPS and 1080p.

AMD came out with the equivalent RX 6500XT graphics card. However, the availability of GPUs has been a challenge.

It is believed that the Intel Arc series promises to provide a solution; Gelsinger has said that the company is looking to address GPU shortages and hopes to provide “millions of Arc GPUs.”

The competition in the GPU space could not have come at an ideal time for gamers who are suffering from the rising GPU costs and a lack of supply.

Although there’s no guarantee AMD’s Intel Arc series will help in resolving this issue, it could be expected to shake up the GPU market, which has been a duopoly of AMD and Nvidia.