Cogent, a US company is cutting Internet service to Russia.

On Friday, David Schaeffer, the CEO of the US company Cogent, said that the company was cutting Internet service to Russian clients.

She said some Russian clients had asked for extensions, and Cogent was trying to help them.

Data can move through parts of the Internet called “guts.” Cogent, in Washington, is part of the network that lets this happen.

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He said that it is the second-largest airline out of Russia, so he said that.

As Russia invaded Ukraine, a long list of businesses from all over has stopped doing business with the country.

This has led to hundreds of deaths and more than 1 million refugees moving to other countries.

People in Russia call what they did in Ukraine a “special operation.”

It was at least partly because Cogent didn’t want to be used for “outbound cyberattacks or disinformation.”

But the company was also worried about what would happen if Russians lost access to all the information that the internet had to offer.

“It was hard to make,” he said.

The Washington Post was the first to report that the company had decided.