Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed – TroubleShooting Guide

“I was scrolling through my Instafeed, but all the old posts were popping up. When I tried to refresh, it showed ‘Couldn’t Refresh Feed.’ I’m kinda at my wit’s end! Someone, please suggest to me, how should I fix Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed error and get to see the new posts again?”

Have you also faced the same error while opening your Instagram? Fret not; our tech geeks are here to help you fix the issue instantly. There can be a number of things responsible for triggering the error and make you stuck again and again with the old posts only. Go through to know it all and get your Instagram back in the working mode. Let’s dive in!

Instagram, as we all know, is the world’s leading image and video sharing platform. It provides a great medium to share images and short videos to its 1 billion active monthly users. Its unique filters and wide array of photo editing options made this app wildly popular in a short period of time. This app works flawlessly most of the time. On rare occasions, Instagram shows some signs of trouble.

We’ve researched through many community platforms and seen the users complaining about a particular issue- ‘Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed.’ This annoying problem restricts users from refreshing their Instafeed to see the latest posts. As we mentioned, if you are dealing with the same, here is what you need to see.

Instagram Couldn't Refresh

Why Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed?

There can be a number of reasons behind Instagram’s failure to load feeds. So without further ado, let’s jump to the reasons that making your Instagram experience not so satisfying.

Reason 1: ‘Couldn’t Refresh Feed’ Error because of Unstable Network

Instagram can only operate at optimal conditions when the network connection is stable. It needs a steady WIFI connection or 4G mobile network to work perfectly on mobile devices. However, many parts of the world still lag in providing steady Internet connection due to the absence of proper infrastructure.

Also, sometimes mobile carriers restrict data usage for its users. This thing generally happens at the end of a month. If a user has used most of the data provided as a part of his mobile plan, then network providers may restrict his data usage or limit the speed of his network connection.

Reason 2: You are using an Outdated Version of Instagram

Developers at Instagram always try to improve the platform by creating upgraded versions of the mobile app. Installing these updates from time to time is quite important as an updated app not only runs smoothly but also introduces many new features to this social networking platform.

Updating apps require a decent amount of data which is why some users choose to prevent all apps from updating automatically manually. If you’re one of those users, then chances are you might be using an older version of Instagram. And, outdated versions can cause you many types of issues, including Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed error.

Reason 3: Other Technical Reasons are Fueling the ‘Couldn’t Refresh Feed’ Error

Instagram is developed using Python on its backend. Python is one of the most difficult programming languages ever. A small bug in the codes may lead to various different problems, including ‘Couldn’t Refresh Feed’ Instagram error.

These types of errors can pop up out of nowhere. Seconds ago, everything might feel smooth, and in optimal condition, now you’re struggling with common errors like feed loading trouble. There isn’t any direct solution to these problems apart from some methods that may resolve the issue for the time being.

These are the primary common causes of Instagram’s feed loading issue. There may be other reasons like a mobile hardware malfunction or system UI failure, but those are quite rare. Now let’s move onto the solution part where our experts have suggested some cool tricks of bypassing Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed error.

How to Fix Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed Error?

Fixing a broken Instagram app doesn’t involve rocket science. By following some easy methods, anyone with basic knowledge about smartphones can resolve Instagram’s feed error. Our experts have tried and tested different methods and came up with this guide to render you the best ones only. So, without wasting another minute, have a look at the top 8 troubleshooting tricks to fix Couldn’t Refresh Feed error. Though there is no such accepted method to fix this issue, you can try these workarounds to get rid of it. Many users have already got benefitted. Depending on that we’ve prepared this guide for you. Here you go!

Method 1: Check for Network Connectivity Error

If your Instagram isn’t loading properly, the first thing you need to do is to check your network connection. Check whether your phone is connected to WIFI or mobile network or not. If it is connected, then any of these three things can happen.

  1. Your network signal is too weak to provide Instagram page loading data. In this case, switch to other networks or try to open Instagram after some time
  2. Your mobile carrier might be restricting your data access. For this issue upgrade to a better mobile plan
  3. Or, your mobile network can be overloaded with the network connection. This phenomenon happens in over-crowded places like stadiums and concert halls.

Once you are done with checking and successfully have discarded the reason, try refreshing your Instafeed. If the issue persists, you must check out our next solution. Sometimes, there can be another reason, which leads you to face the ‘Couldn’t Refresh Feed’ error message.

Method 2: Reboot Your Device to fix Couldn’t Refresh Feed Error

If you are using a smartphone, which has a lower capacity of RAM, there are chances that your device is lagging in refreshing your feed. So, in this case, you must Reboot your phone to clean all the junk files and say adieu to the issue. Here is how to do so,

For Android Users

Step 1: Press the Power Button until you feel a haptic feedback and bootloader menu pops up

Instagram Couldn't refresh feed

Step 2: Touch the Restart option and wait for the device to reboot itself

Couldn't refresh feed error

Step 3: After the device restarts, open Instagram and check if the issue is still there or not

For iPhone Users

Step 1: Press side button and any one of the two Volume rocker until a slider appears

Step 2: Drag the slider, and it turns the phone off

Step 3: Press the side button and hold it until the Apple logo appears

Rebooting a device sometimes solves software complications. However, if the problem is not regarding your phone’s software performance or junk files, then follow our next troubleshooter.

Method 3: Delete Inappropriate Content

Posting inappropriate content can cause trouble sometimes. Ill-suited contents, including photos, videos, and comments, can have an adverse effect on any Insta account. If you have posted any such things on your Insta account, then check out these steps.

Step 1: At first, Log in to your Insta account

Couldn't refresh feed error


Step 2: Next, search for any recent photo, video, or comment that may get flagged by other users

Step 3: Upon finding delete that post

Step 4: Finally, Log out and again Log in

How should I fix Instagram Couldn't refresh feed error

After repeating all the steps correctly, if you’re still facing the Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed issue then try our next fix.

Method 4: Update Your Instagram App

As mentioned earlier in the reasons for the ‘Couldn’t Refresh Feed’ error section, having an old versioned app may lead to many hitches, including feed loading trouble. In this scenario, you have to update your app. Here’s the app update procedure in simple steps.

Step 1: Go to Play Store/App Store

Troubleshooting Tricks to Fix Instagram Couldn't Refresh Feed

Step 2: Search for Instagram app

Couldn"t refresh feed Instagram

Step 3: Upon finding go to its page and click on the Update button

Couldn't refresh feed

Step 4: Now wait for a few minutes to complete the updating process

Couldn't refresh feed Instagram

Step 5: Once done, open the app and check if the issue is eliminated or not

If your app is updated to the latest version, but still you’re facing feed loading hindrance, then the reason is different. Try the next solution now.

Method 5: Clear Cache, Cookies, and Browser History

Clearing Cache, Cookies and Browsing History is essential to ensure a better app experience in any smartphone. Instagram is not an exception to that. Here’s how you can clear these data from Instagram-

Step 1: Open Settings menu in your phone

Couldn't refresh feed

Step 2: Go to App Setting and search for Instagram

Couldn't refresh feed Instagram error

Step 3: Upon finding tap on it and click Storage

Couldn't refresh feed Instagram error

Step 4: Now, tap on Clear cache to clear all the Cache and Cookies

Couldn't refresh feed Instagram error

Step 5: Finally, Restart your phone and check if the issue is still there or not

If any of the above five solutions did not work for you, we have three more methods yet to come. Hopefully, any of those will clear out your Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed issue.

Method 6: Uninstall & Reinstall the App to Fix Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed

If there is any bug in your current application, uninstalling and reinstalling the app may fix the issue. Follow the below steps to do the same.

For Android Users

Step 1: Go to Play Store and search for Instagram

Step 2: After finding the press Uninstall button

Couldnt refresh feed Instagram

Step 3: When uninstalling completes, click on Install icon to reinstall

Instagram couldn't refresh feed

For iPhone Users

Step 1: Tap and hold the IG logo until it begins to shake

Step 2: Tap on the X button to uninstall the app

Step 3: Go to App Store and search for Instagram

Step 4: Re-install Instagram

If the issue remains intact, check out our next solution.

Method 7: Use Instagram on Another Device

If all of the above-mentioned methods failed to rectify the issue, then your handset might have some internal hardware problems like faulty network receptors. Adhere to these following steps to check if your device is the main culprit or not.

Step 1: Find a stopgap smartphone

Step 2: Open your Instagram account on that phone

Step 3: Check if your Instagram feed is loading smoothly on that device

Step 4: If yes then check your primary device in the company service center

If all of these methods fail to rectify the issue, then your last option is reporting the issue to Instagram authority

Method 8: Report to Instagram

This is the final option left for you to try on. When nothing seems to work for you then only you should report your problem to Instagram admins. Here’s how to report to Instagram

Step 1: Navigate to Instagram details from the Play Store or App Store

Step 2: Go to app reviews

Step 3: Tap on the New Document icon

Step 4: Find and click on ‘Report a Problem’ logo

Step 5: Report your problem in detail writings and click on Send

This process will send an Email to the Insta developers. Once they find out your exact problem, they will get back to you with a proper solution.

Got Queries?

We sincerely hope any of the above eight methods will work for you and your ‘Couldn’t Refresh Feed’ Instagram issue will get resolved instantly. If you still have any queries left unanswered, leave a comment. We will get back to you as soon as possible with a proper answer. Stay connected for more updates. Sayonara!