Best PDF Editor Apps for iPhone & iPad

Wondering if you can edit the PDF files on your iPhone? If yes, let me help you with this post. Here, I will explain how you can edit PDF on iPhone using the 7 Best Free PDF Editor Apps. Just keep reading through this post and you’ll learn about editing PDF on an iPhone or iPad.

Best PDF Editor Apps

Guide: Edit PDF on iPhone 

PDF is the acronym for Portable Document Format. It was introduced more than 30 years ago as a digital substitute to paper. A PDF file is independent of the software, hardware or operating system. It is now the open standard maintained by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Almost every industry in our world is using it. You can view the PDF files on any device from Windows to Mac, as well as on Android and iPhone.

There are many situations when you’ll need to edit the PDF files on your iPhone. However, the PDF files are not editable by design. So, you must use a third-party tool in order to edit the PDF file. There is no built-in feature on the iPhone or iPad to edit a PDF file. Choosing the right PDF Editor app is often confusing. This is because you’ll find many options when searching for it. So, I’ll help you with picking the right PDF editor for your device.

Steps to Edit a PDF on the iPhone using a PDF Editor App

Using any PDF editor is as simple as eating a piece of cake. Usually, you can find the tutorial or guide when you launch any PDF editor for the first time. You can just pay attention to the guide and you’ll learn how to operate the tool. If you need help with using a PDF editor app to edit PDF on iPhone, follow the instructions mentioned below.

  • Download and install a good PDF Editor app on your iPhone.
  • Now launch the app.
  • Open the PDF file you want to edit.
  • Next, find and tap on the Edit PDF option. You will usually find it in the top toolbar or by tapping and holding particular text.
  • Select the text you want to edit and then make the necessary changes.
  • Finally, save the changes you have made.

That’s it. Editing the PDF file is easy. The crucial part here is using the right PDF editor application.

7 Best Free PDF Editor Apps for iOS:

While searching for a PDF Editor, you will find plenty of options in the results. You may or may not know which PDF editor you should choose. So, here I’m presenting to you a list of 7 Best PDF Editor apps for iPhone. You can pick any app from this list and use it to edit PDF on your iPhone or iPad.

1. PDF Markup

PDF Markup is a popular free PDF management tool for iPhone. You can use it to view, edit, annotate and organize PDF files on iOS devices. It is also able to add highlights, freehand writing and sticky notes to your PDF files. Also, you can view BOTA (Bookmark, Outline, Thumbnail, Annotation Summary). This editor will help you to sign documents, fill forms, highlight text and excerpts on web pages. Also, you can sync your files through multiple cloud services like OneDrive, DropBox, etc.

2. Foxit

Foxit is the next name on our list. It is an amazing free PDF viewing and editing application for iPhones that you can use to edit any PDF file.  The UI of this app is very simple and user-friendly. One notable feature of this app is ‘ConnectedPDF’ that provides intelligence, security and collaboration services for PDF files. You can also convert Microsoft Office files to PDF using this app. The cloud syncing ability is also available in this app.

3. Document Expert

Document Expert is the next free PDF reader and editor for iPhone. You can use it to view, annotate, edit, sign, combine and organize any PDF file. This application also offers some advanced features like creativity 365 and multiple cloud syncing options. You can also use the built-in camera tool to create JPEG scans and then create a PDF file using them.

4. PDF Reader Pro

PDF Reader PRO is one more free application to view and edit any PDF file on your iPhone. It is a very effective tool to read, manage and annotate PDF files on the go. You can also collaborate and add annotations with other users on the same file while also chatting with them about the progress. Some other notable features of this app include highlighter, sticky notes, stamps, text boxes, and freehand drawing. My favorite feature of this app is the ability to bookmark pages on a PDF file.

5. Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader might be the most popular PDF reader in the world. It is an amazing option to view, edit and organize PDF files on your iPhone. This app is a complete package when it comes to managing PDF files. It has all the basic and some really exclusive advanced features available. You can also design your PDFs, highlight them, and also mark them up. It supports using Apple Pencil to offer the most accuracy and precision. The only reason I listed this app this below is that it may consume lot of space on your device.

6. Documents by Readdle

Documents by Readdle is the next PDF editor app on our list. It is a simple to use app that anyone can use to read and edit PDF files on iPhone. This app is more commonly known as file manager and documents viewer for iOS. However, you can easily use it to edit PDF files as it has all the basic and advanced tools that you’ll need while editing. You can also download important files from the internet by using this app.

7. Good Reader

Good Reader is one of the most used free PDF reader applications on iPhones. This app can easily manage and organize any PDF file you put into. It has a built-in file manager that allows you to manage local files and attachments in an organized manner. You can also mark up files using this app. Other useful features of this app include text boxes, sticky notes, and freehand drawings. Also, it has a text-to-speech feature that can read PDF and TXT files for you.

Final Words

That’s how you can edit PDF on iPhone in a very simple manner. You just have to use a good PDF editor. So, choose any app from our list and start editing PDF files on your iPhone. That’s all for this post. I hope you like it and it helps you enough. If you have any queries regarding anything related to this post, feel free to use the comment box. I’ll be glad to entertain it.