How to Write Essays Faster Using AI In 2022

We all know that essay writing is daunting for students across many levels for different reasons. More often than not, students have to seek out an essay helper to help them write their essays, and they don’t mind paying the price. But could AI be the answer to this problem?

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Like with many other industries, the introduction of AI comes with plenty of benefits and massive potential in writing. So, AI can become a very powerful writing tool. Students are often given an essay topic or prompt from which they have to write their essay. Using AI means they only have to provide the prompt, which will help them generate an essay or story based on their input. These essays or stories may also have a level of creativity that surprises you. That’s how much potential AI has in writing. You will find with AI across all industries that it’s good at what it’s made to do.

As a student, though, you don’t want to leave it entirely in the hands of a computer. You need to learn the basics of essay writing: starting early, breaking the essay into smaller sections, and retaining your inspiration even when you aren’t feeling like it. Once you know these basics, then we can move on to talk about how you can speed up this process using AI.

Starting your essay early and breaking it down into smaller components

Starting early is an effective way of writing an essay. This means you won’t need to rush at any point of the essay as you would have more than enough time. If you don’t know where to start writing your essay, the first thing you can do is to break it down into smaller sections or components. For instance, if your essay is about a historical event, the first step should be researching the event before you consider how the event was reported at that time. Similarly, if your essay is on an ongoing issue, you can start by considering the background of the issue before moving to consider the other sides. Breaking it down and taking it one after the other gives you more clarity.

Tips for retaining your inspiration when you don’t feel like writing

Even if you write for a living, you most likely won’t feel like writing every day of your life. However, this shouldn’t stop you from writing or take away your inspiration. Firstly, you need to consider why you’re writing what you’re writing? What do you intend to say? And how does the essay help to achieve this?

Setting small goals is another way to continue pushing yourself. For instance, you can focus on writing your ideas on paper first instead of trying to write a perfect essay. If you’re struggling with motivation, you can use a timer to quantify how much work you can do within a short time (maybe 10 minutes).

Reading other people’s stories or essays may also help you. This can help you with some ideas for your essay while teaching you that others have discussed the same issue and how they did it.

Writing essays faster with artificial intelligence (AI)

AI can help you to write essays very fast. Several software programs do this, and these programs are improving with time. A popular AI writing tool, for instance, is Jasper AI, which helps you with the tone of your essay, style, spelling, and grammar. It also helps you to develop ideas and organize your thoughts.

Before you pick any of these software programs, be sure to check their reviews online. Also, ensure to run every essay you get from the tool through plagiarism checkers before submitting it so that you’re safe.

Benefits of AI for essay writing

AI is beneficial for your essay writing process in several ways: it saves time, can write plagiarism-free articles, and can avoid grammar, spelling, and style errors.

1. It saves time by summarizing facts with ease.

Students often use Google to answer questions so that AI can research and summarize facts easily. So, it can do the same for a research paper or essay. However, it differs from humans because it can’t do the critical and analytical thinking that we’re excellent at. This means that the goal of an assignment should be to analyze ideas and pick arguments apart instead of searching for facts.

Today’s education system is set up to value retention of information rather than problem-solving and idea analysis. In this way, AI can pose a problem for us. However, in the future, AI will be able to find answers by synthesizing a large volume of information, which humans cannot do. So, it’ll be used as a research aid for uncovering things that the traditional search engines won’t display.

2. It can write plagiarism-free content.

AI can write plagiarism-free content, and you wouldn’t be able to say the difference. AI will generate entirely new content that no plagiarism detection system can run through. Although the content may not always be eloquent, you can be sure that it’s new and convincing. You would only need to add a few tweaks, and you would have created a whole new essay by pressing a few buttons with a text editor.

It’s also possible for AI to rephrase and rewrite sentences from other sources in a way that appears completely new.

3. It avoids grammar, spelling, and style errors.

What makes us humans is how vulnerable we are to mistakes. While one-half of essay writing is finding the facts and summarizing them, the second half is checking for spelling, style, and grammar errors. Although some spell-checking tools have been in use for some time, AI can also analyze essays to look for common errors and give better suggestions on what to write.

This may not be perfect, but it makes the content error-free and more readable before it’s submitted to the teacher for grading. You can highlight a sentence and ask AI to improve and rephrase the grammar. So, while your work may not be perfect, it isn’t full of mistakes or errors and can provide the platform for improving your writing.


AI can be used to write your essay faster, and it has several other benefits that help you improve your writing ability. It can provide you with the feedback you need to improve as you write, so you can make the changes and improve the quality of your work as you go instead of waiting to fix the errors at the end. This helps you write faster, save time, and submit high-quality essays.