How to Utilize Runic attack within God of War

How to Utilize Runic Attacks: God of War introduces some significant adjustments to the series that transport Kratos to Ancient Greece into the icy wastes that are the basis of Norse mythology.

An array of new combat techniques and abilities are Kratos can also use due to The Leviathan Axe. 

The new weapon will bring new capabilities for Kratos to utilize; among them are Runic attacks.

To utilize a Runic attack within God of War, all you have to do in combat is press the L1 button and press R1 on the PlayStation or hold down Q and click left to launch an easy attack or R2/right-click to unleash a powerful attack.

 Runic Attacks work similar to magic from previous God of War games and produce various effects. 

For instance, Wrath of the Frost Ancient Runic attack sends a massive blast of ice which will slow enemies down, but it’s not causing a lot of damage.

It is essential to ensure that you have the Runic Attack before using it. 

This is done by entering the weapon menu and choosing one for light and heavy.

 It’s recommended to test various Runic attacks and determine what one you like best. You.

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