How to Upgrade Crown of Sorrow in Destiny 2

Upgrade Crown of Sorrow in Destiny 2: Season of the Haunted in Destiny 2 is now live, and the grind to raise your Power level continues as usual. 

Destiny 2 has added a season-specific method of meta progression in recent years. Which in the Season of the Haunted entails upgrading the Crown of Sorrow. 

Let’s look at how to upgrade the Crown of Sorrow in Destiny 2 with this in mind.

Crown of Sorrow Upgrade in Destiny 2

At the H.E.L.M destination, you’ll find the Crown of Sorrow vendor (If you are facing the central Vanguard Operations table from where you warp in, can find it on the left side of the ship). 

It’ll be not easy to miss because you’ll be guided here by a quest. The massive artefact embedded in the wall is the Crown of Sorrow itself (pictured below).

Veteran players will know what to expect here, but to be clear, upgrading the Crown of Sorrow is this season’s way to gain passive bonuses throughout the game, some of which can be extremely powerful and are well worth seeking out.

Can upgrade The Crown of Sorrow by spending Figments of Darkness, which can earn in various ways throughout the season. Completing seasonal quests and challenges is the best way to earn Figments of Darkness. But they can also be obtained by ranking up the Crown of Sorrow to ranks 4, 10, and 16, respectively.

How to Get Seasonal Quests & Seasonal Challenges

It’s fairly simple to obtain seasonal quests and challenges. You’ll already have the main story questline (called Bound in Sorrow) that you can complete to get Figments of Darkness. 

You won’t be able to avoid it; as soon as you start the game during Season of the Haunted, you’ll be forced to complete an obligatory introductory mission.

Week to week challenges change, so check your log to see what’s available right now. Most are straightforward; for example, Sorrow Bound requires you to complete the Bound in Sorrow quest while defeating Scorned chieftains.

You will increase the overall rank of the Crown of Sorrow by doing the above. And completing bounties, and participating in the new Nightmare Containment public event aboard the Leviathan. 

You’ll receive powerful rewards as you progress through the ranks. And you’ll be able to keep your Guardian’s Power level in line with the content you’ll be facing by following this more extensive process.