How To Uninstall Discord App Completely

It’s easy to uninstall discord via mobile but from PC or Mac, its create problem sometimes and keeps crashing whenever you try to uninstall. In windows, It is usually installed in “C:\users\user\appdata\Local\Discord” by default, and people can decide to uninstall Discord via Control Panel, or taking a third-party uninstaller. So Before getting down to learning How to Uninstall Discord you can also disable or delete your discord account if you want.

So don’t be so upset Below we talk about all the solutions just move to different sections of the article. Discord is a really good alternative for communication while gaming its instant messaging and VoIP application. Although it’s initially used by gamers, a lot of people use Discord to interact for education and businesses purpose.

First, Stop the Discord Background Process

Ensure that Discord is not working in the background. Sometimes the Discord app is running in the background, this is the main reason the app properly does not sustain the process of uninstalling it might cause an error in the uninstallation process. So do this before you may proceed

  • Close all Discord’s window and stop running it on the computer
  • Right-click on the taskbar box, and choose Task Manager
  • Close all the running processes in the background, and confirm that Discord’s associated task has been disabled

You can also uninstall the program through Windows settings by using the Task Manager, press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to go to the Startup tab. Then, highlight Discord and click Disable.

How to Uninstall Discord in Windows

First, let’s disable its auto-run through the app settings in the Windows operating system devices. This post is all about step-by-step instructions on how to uninstall Discord successfully either on Windows or Mac OS. So give some attention to the below points

  • Click the Windows icon and in the search box Type “run” now Click the “Run” app that appears.
  • A short window will open which works on coding so type %appdata% and click OK.
  • Locate discord and delete the folder file.
  • Now open RUN command again but this time type %localappdata%. Then again delete the Discord folder you see.
  • Next for completely removing Discord from your computer open up a system uninstaller from the Windows search bar, type, and search “Control Panel”.
  • Here all your installed app lists will open just locate the Discord app and uninstall it for permanently.

All of the above steps are crucial to avoid errors during the uninstallation process. So keep in mind first, delete Discord temporary files with all folders. Then stop all of its instances in the task manager, as we mentioned above, and finally uninstall the app through the Windows uninstaller panel.

How to Uninstall Discord on Macbook

As you all know Macbook OS has a simple layout to do anything there is a specific way for all the operations. So on the Mac, if the Discord icon is shown on the menu bar hovering your cursor on the app right-click on it, and click Quit Discord. It might cause an error on installing process

  • First, ensure that Discord is not running in the system or the background.
  • Now click “Application” from the Dock or open “Finder” and then press Shift + Command + A on your keyboard to find Mac’s Applications folder.
  • Next click on “Discord the app” from the App screen.
  • At last, right-click the trash bin icon on your Dock and select “Empty Trash.”

If these manual techniques are difficult for you, you can always go with third-party applications to completely uninstall any apps from your device. Just look at the below one.

How to Uninstall Discord through the Uninstaller app

This is somehow the direct way to uninstall discord When you take this way to uninstall Discord first you need to Launch Total Uninstaller on your computer this Total Uninstaller will help you throughout all the process without too much effort just scroll the guide step by step.

  • Open Total Uninstaller app on PC and locate Discord’s icon on the menu.
  • Just click on Run Analysis
  • The app will Scanned system and shows you all the associated files with discord on the interface
  • As all discord related file appears to Click on Complete Uninstall and click Yes to confirm the removal
  • Press the Yes option again to begin the uninstallation
  • Removing process in progress Let them continue until the first step get finished
  • Now click on the Scan Leftovers option and Click the Delete Leftovers button to delete remnants from the PC.
  • Click ok and exit Total Uninstaller
  • At last, just restart your computer and you get rid out of the discord app permanently

NOTE: For Mac Get an Osx Uninstaller on your Mac, and launch it after installing follow the above steps as well as. The apps are different but Working is the same on both platforms.

The Common Problems occurs when Uninstalling Discord

The incomplete removal issue is a common problem that many people asked about recently.

Which means Cannot uninstall program correctly still exist after restarting the computer? So at this time, make what’s the best alternative to thoroughly exclude it from the PC.

  • Discord starts working automatically even though if you killed all of its data, folders, and registry keys
  • Discord not shown in programs list of Windows uninstaller
  • An unknown problem occurs when try to drag the app cannot be moved to Recycle Bin, Discord bounce back to the original place.
  • Associated files and extensions of the program still appear on the web browser after uninstalling it

These are some common removing problems to avoid these errors during uninstallation.

To apply the above methods to avoid issues and completely remove it from the PC, not even a single file or extension would appear.

Delete Discord Account

Uninstallation is not a solution if you want to leave discord forever don’t worry there is always a second way you can delete your discord account for a lifetime but before deleting I suggest you try to disable it. This option will deactivate your account but allows you to reopen it later Because if it running for a long time you make lots of fans & followers with much effort so don’t let them go instantly. You can also sell your discord server also we made a separate post for that.

  • Open your web browser, Make login with your account and go to Discord’s associated webpage
  • Discover your profile settings, on the “My Account” page, and press the delete account button if you confirmed.


Till now, we talk about 3 manual ways toward How to Uninstall Discord on the above content, and the best one is to delete the program automatically. Some people do complain that the manual app removal takes up much of the time but it depends on the size of the app also. So go with which suits you and your operating system best.