How to Delete a Discord Server

The credibility of using Discord is that anyone can make their light data server for gaming, chatting, or in some gaming communities and Delete it when they want. But now If you want to get in on the Discord action or delete your server from the internet for some reason, this tutorial will walk you through how to delete a discord server. And if you don’t won’t do delete the server below I mention an alternate option of it also keep the scrolling article. If you create a server in Discord You can command on what users can do and how they can interact with people its different thing that you use bots on your servers or not.

As an admin, you have the power to manage and delete a server in Discord. Our tutorial will work for both web clients and desktop clients. And the server deleting process which I elaborate on here is also for both you can delete it via your mobile app through iPhone and Android devices as well as a desktop application for Mac and PC. Both allow access equally in most of the settings and work perfectly in any operating system.

How to Delete a Discord Server by Desktop

Let you know first Only the Server Owner has capable to delete it, regardless of the authorities assigned to any role. So the main question is How to delete a discord server? The process is very simple and usually, it takes less than two minutes of yours. The important thing which is required is a two-factor authentication code and your account login and you will be able to delete any of your server lists. Just follow the instructions.

  1. Open up your Discord app through Mac of PC and log in to your account.
  2. Select the server name, placed in the top-left corner of the screen.
  3. Next by the drop-down list choose one “Server Settings” option.
  4. Select Delete Server from within the server window which is on the left side at the last bottom.
  5. If a new popup window prompted Enter the server name’s name correctly.
  6. And if you have enabled two-factor authorization then enter your six-digit authentication code.
  7. Now from the popup window choose the “Delete Server” option.

NOTE: Before you delete a server, make sure you want to permanently delete it because Once a server has been deleted, there is no way to resurrect the server from the shadow realms.

How to Delete a Discord server By Mobile app

Each user can create servers to host voice and chat on Discord. So if you Access & maintain the discord app through the mobile app you can delete its server by mobile instantly, rather then opening it from PC.

  • Open the Discord app on your Android or iOS mobile device and navigate to the server you want to delete permanently.
  • Swipe the screen on the right side to open the side menu bar.
  • Now tap the server’s name at the top of the screen.
  • A new window prompted just click the gear icon on the right.
  • Now Select the “Overview” option.
  • There are many options but At the bottom of the “Overview” page, just select “Delete Server“.

In the end, Discord will be asked if you want to delete the server for sure. if you are confirmed to delete it just Tap “Yes”. If you have generated two-factor authentication, they ask to enter the auth code found in your Authy or Google Authenticator app. That’s it! this is the whole process to Delete a Discord server By Mobile app.

And if you don’t want to delete it but also don’t want the server anymore. you can transfer its authority to a friend or another user.

Transfer Discord Ownership to Another User

If you make a decision you no longer want to use a server, you can permanently delete it. Deleting a server in Discord is not strictly necessary but if you don’t want to delete the second option you can also sell it to someone or transfer its ownership to other required users for housekeeping. How to do that just see below the guide of Transfer Ownership in Discord.

  • Open up the Discord app Its icon seems like a white smiling gamepad with a blue background and chooses server settings.
  • But now from the left sidebar select “Members” instead of “Delete Server.”
  • Here you can see the list of every Server member.
  • Floating over on the popup window the name of the users that you want to give ownership control and soon click the three dots that are shown on the right side.
  • At last, just Select “Transfer Ownership” and you are done.

Things Required for Deleting Discord Server

  • The only owner has the right to delete a Discord server via the application server settings regardless of user roles or settings.
  • You may additionally need to insert a six-digit authentication key If you enable 2FA most required for deleting the server you will find it on Authy or Google Authenticator app on mobile.
  • You can delete a Discord server working on both the desktop as well as mobile apps.
  • And keep in mind Once a server has been deleted you never get it back.


Discord is an instant messaging and best-reviewed VoIP application in this category. It is specially made for gamers that help them to communicate with each other without any interruption like screen freezing its server performers when you have good upload speed. Although currently used in education and businesses purpose also which is a good initiative for the app.

And am sure now you rarely hear this sound ‘see you on TS’ or ‘see you on Vent’, someday it’s all about Discord everywhere. The first thing it comes up with free services, voice quality is top-notch, very light to use, and there are a lot of extra highlighting features. But if you want to delete its server by reason you can go with the above two methods and you will be able to delete it from any device and from anywhere. So inform us in the comment section how much you like our this post about How to Delete a Discord Server or notify us if you want more info about the Discord app.