How to Cross Out Text in Discord

Cross out or strikethrough is the same thing by which you can cut your text when you realize you poetry some wrong info so you cut it by a single line from start to end. So if are you searching for How to Cross Out Text in Discord app within a minute so here you get all the explanation.

Discord is a major platform for gamers to communicate with friends via different servers. Available free on the internet for both platform smartphone and desktop as well as in iOS and Android too. If you’re accessing discord on the desktop or browser version, you can also cross out text by utilizing a context menu.

You may use text messages or voice telephones to talk with others at the live stream While communicating with other gamers, it’s vital to understand how to make different text formats such as cross outside Text, bold, underline How to use tags, strikethrough, and much more on Discord via Markdown.

So before performing Cross Out Text or strikethrough in Discord directly via markdown text first you need to understand how it works from the below section.

How Markdown Text works in Discord with Different Formatting

If you are familiar with discord and Reddit then you hear about Markdown Text Formatting it’s a markup language that uses plain text for formatting. By using Markdown syntax you can create several different useful text effects when typing in Discord. Markdown is written in Perl which is a popular online programming language and There are different Markdown options. It provides flexibility to the app.

Primarily, it allows users to just type normal symbols which aren’t complicated or lengthy then it converts what you write in plain text into HTML which is then rendered in a browser. You add codes in a text in the Discord chat window and anyone can see when you send it.

You can present your text as bold, italicize also underline by applying different punctuation marks or the context list plus also displays all 3 formats at the same time to viewers. So if you are a new discord member it seems a bit overwhelming but it not that difficult as it looks like. Keep scroll on the below point.

How to Cross Out Text in Discord

Since Discord comes with a variety of features and abilities, it can take a while to find the negative point of using this platform.

Although the services are oriented heavily around voice communication to allow gamers to coordinate their play online.

As an outcome, Discord has become a very successful app for a wide reach of communities outsource of gaming.

So with very little effort, you can make your typing experience more enjoyable. Rather than only Cross out Markdown also can create text bold, italic, underlined, spoiler tag, and other Combining Text Effects.

  • First of all, open the Discord app from any platform and type a message in the chatbox
  • You can cross out text in Discord on both sides by using the ( ~~ ) tilde key available on physical keyboards.
  • For example, if you want to type How to Cross Out Text in Discord under cross out or strikethrough then you need to write it like ~~How to Cross Out Text in Discord~~
  • You can cross out that text just By putting two tildes on each side of your text in Discord simple as that.
  • Press the enter key to send msg and it would reflect as cross out text How to Cross Out Text in Discord

Isn’t it cool? just share with others and for other formatting options. give attention to the below sections of the article.

How to Cross Out Text in Discord Alternate Option

Alternatively, if you’re using the desktop or browser version of Discord so for cross out text, you’ll need to do a strikethrough you can use a context menu To do this follow

  1. Open discord Type out the text that you want to change formating.
  2. Hover your mouse over it and Highlight the text until a small black bar appears above it.
  3. Now directly by keyboard click the “B” button to bold the text, the slanted “I” to italicize, and then crossed out with “S” to strikethrough.

Another Text formatting in Discord

Discord and markdown not only limited to cross out you can also perform various operation during chatting with some of the famous formattings which commonly uses in everywhere you can use it on Other popular websites, like Reddit

Creating Bold Text: Bold format is very handy only by Attaching two asterisks ‘**’ before and after text puts it in bold.

Creating Italicized Text: To make an italicized Text: Insert one asterisk (*) in both sides of the keyword

Creating Underlined Text: You add two ‘_’ underscore characters the same before and after text For underlining your message.

Combine Text effect in Discord

Along with these Above-mentioned markdown formats, If you utilize it with three (***) in the beginning and at the end of the text to make the combined result of bold and italicized text.

BOLD + ITALIC: Just Add three asterisks key ( *** ) just before and after your massage by pressing SHIFT+8 on your keyboard.

Italicize + Strikethrough: just adds one tilde and one asterisk ( ~* ) symbol before and after your words.

Italic + Underline: Add two underscores and one asterisk (__* ) symbol before the text and ( *__ ) after the text.


You have gone through the entire article hope you got my point also making different formatting text in discord is all about Markdown Code. Because at present in the discord app there is no option to add this so you need to do it manually by just adding symbols before and after the word its take few second but it makes your word more appealing.

FAQs about Cross Out in Discord

Q: Can I cross out a text you’ve already sent?

Ans: Yes. You will notice a pin icon was the ‘Edit’ option shown If you hover over the text .’ Click that option and add your “~~” before and after the text. And Click on the ‘Save’ option just underneath the text and your text will have a line through it.

Q: Can I cross out a text of someone else’s message?

Ans: No. Even as the server owner the option to edit someone’s message is not available because you don’t have the authority to do that. If you don’t like the message you can insert an emoji reaction in between words or you can remove the message by clicking the three vertical dots next to it.