How to Remove Floors In V Rising

Remove Floors In V Rising: Castle construction is an important part of V Rising, and some players will devote a significant amount of time to perfecting their fortifications. 

Fans may discover that they cannot remove certain pieces of flooring in their castles during this time, preventing them from carrying out their desired renovations. 

Fortunately, there is a way to get around this problem and remove any floor in V Rising, and this guide will show you how.

How to Remove Floors in V Rising

Confirm that a piece of flooring is not in contact with any walls or pillars before attempting to remove it. 

Indeed, removing a floor that touches one of the aforementioned structural elements is impossible. So survival game players may need to dismantle some of their walls and pillars. If they are preventing them from removing some undesirable flooring.

 Players must use the “dismantle structure” feature, which is by default assigned to the space bar, to accomplish this.

Fans who want to take down walls and pillars with the “dismantle structure”. Thisfeature should start by pressing “B” or clicking on the hammer on the right side of the screen. 

This will bring up the build menu, and the player should then hover their mouse over the element that needs to be dismantled while pressing the space bar. 

Notably, only a portion of a fan’s V Rising materials will be refunded through dismantling. Implying that they should use this feature with caution.

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When the player hovers their mouse over the floor they are focus on after the adjacent walls and pillars have been removed. Then the player should notice that it is now yellow. 

This means that the flooring can be taken down using the same steps used to take down the other objects. 

Only a partial refund will be given for this act. Though some fans will welcome the loss of some materials if it means they can customize their V Rising bases to their liking.

Last but not least, the “dismantle structure” feature allows players to remove castle borders. 

While this isn’t something that every reader will have to do right away. Borders can cause problems when rearranging a base or moving a Castle Heart. 

Therefore, it’s recommend that vampire video game fans become familiar with this feature. As it may come in handy in the future.