How to Release the Safety on Cannon’s Breech in Genshin Impact

Safety on Cannon’s Breech in Genshin Impact: Have you completed the Heavenly Stone’s questline for debris already? It’s a global questline that involves Jinwu assigning a variety of goals to you and the rest of your NPC friends.

 They include Clitopho, an ex-treasure hoarder Zhiqiong, an adventurer, and Paimon (obviously). When you are ready to complete the quests, it is necessary to be required to load the cannonball in a single piece. 

However, before doing that, you have to let go of the safety of the Cannon.

 Here’s our step-by-step guide on opening the safety from the Cannon’s breech on Genshin Impact.

How to Release the Safety on Cannon’s Breech in Genshin Impact

Follow the steps below:

  • When you get the goal to study the Signaling guide, follow the track to reach the destination.
  • When you interact with the Safe blasting signaling guide, The document will include that:
    • Lamppost low high-frequency flicker
    • Mid lamp posts Low-frequency flicker
    • Most of the high lamp low-frequency flicker

Although Paimon could not comprehend what it meant and what it meant, we will tell you the next steps.

  • Be aware of the area by moving a little further where you can read the book.
  • The objective is to let the safety off the breech of the Cannon.
  • The light will flicker the lamposts close to each other. It is necessary to enable your lampost and alter their frequency following their location.
  • The closest can be described as the lamp with a high voltage that requires flickering at a low speed.
  • Jump and glide across onto the lamppost next to you.
  • It’s an intermediate lamp post because the lampost isn’t at a higher elevation or in the ground. Reduce the frequency of the lamp to low.
  • Then glide on the ground, aiming for the last lamp post.
  • The low lampost should be activated, and then change the frequency of the lamp to high.
  • There will be an adversary who is guarding the lamp post. You have the option of fighting or getting away from it.
  • Once you’ve switched the frequency of all lamposts, the Cannon will then be released to load.

This is how you can unlock the safety in Cannon’s breech Genshin Impact. If you liked this tutorial, you should look at our other guide