How to Record Discord Audio [ Very Easy Simple Steps ]

Discord is now a very successful way of socializing, learning, and for start-up businesses. If you’re an online streamer then you must hear about the discord messaging platform. So as the user increases people want to know about How to Record Discord Audio. We discuss various techniques of it Just look at the below points.

Discord is one of the most significant and famous programs for gamers and other associations to chat together simultaneously when playing games. It is an instant messaging and VoIP service provider primarily used by gamers and becomes a trending communications tool on the internet.

Actually, it is not a hard process to record audio in Discord. But there is no inbuilt tool to record audio directly. So it’s not feasible at this time via the app that may be in the future discord team works on this and build an option for it.

So as of now, we make it possible through third-party apps for windows, mac, or mobiles so will show you how to record Discord audio with these recording programs. Here are some popular apps for this particular task of recording audio in discord.

  1. Record Discord Audio with Audacity best for windows
  2. Try to Record Discord audio with OBS For Mac
  3. Record Discord audio through iPhone or Android by using Crige

How to Record Discord Audio

Before you start, you should be aware that, in many locations around the world, it’s illegal to record other people without their permission. So make sure that you have taken permission from the authority involved in a conference before you use any of the methods posted here.

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How to Record Discord Audio on Windows

We know that the primary discord app doesn’t permit users to record talks. But don’t worry this article walks you through all the possibilities of it.

First, make sure that you’ve properly configured your microphone settings in Discord to allow you to chat with members. Otherwise, you won’t able to record yourself chatting with other users

  • Audacity

There are lots of other software to configure audio in any form. But audacity is one of the most popular tools among them for a long time. It makes some extraordinary levels of editing and recording. People generally use for balancing tune, vocals in audio. Another plus point it’s totally free and available for all platforms whether Windows, macOS, Linux, and any other operating systems.

It can be recording live audio through a microphone or mixer and convert it with different formats as you want Mp3, Mp4, or MKV also accessible for multiple files at once. So for recording audio in discord just start with the below points.

  • First Download and Install Audacity app on your computer.
  • On the main interface, choose Edit and Preference option, and then choose the Devices name from the popup tab. select your Recording device as the main microphone.
  • Open up Discord and connect a voice channel. Then click the green key to begin recording your Discord call.
  • While you require to finish the recording, simply press the red round button. Then select the “file” button and choose “Export” to save your recording file.

There is only one drawback with This audio recording software. Audacity works on a single audio-in recording system therefore only one side’s audio can be recorded at a time. Rather than that audio quality and mixing is top-notch.

How to Record Discord Audio on Mac with OBC

OBS Studio is open-source free software for video recording and live streaming. It Works smoothly with Mac OS. Also available on Windows and Linux too. So you can try it out as your requirement.

This screen recording software is compatible But for beginners, it is a little difficult to operate. But 1 advantage as compared to Audacity is it can capture your desktop audio and also your microphone sound.

If you aren’t a Discord server owner nor moderator, you can still record Discord audio on your desktop by using Open Broadcaster Software (OBS).

  • Download and open OBS Studio. in the OBS software, click “Sources>+” ( Bottom-left of the main interface ).
  • Now From the drop-down list, select Display Capture.
  • Click select in alternate first “File” > then “Settings” > last “Output” to set the format for your output recording file.
  • Press the “OK” button to save all the settings that you just configure.
  • OBS also supports to record your desktop audio and display screen, as well as your microphone.
  • At last, Hit the “Start Recording” button to activate recording the Discord audio. Once completed, you can enjoy the recording file on your computer.

NOTE: OBS would store the recording as video files. you can quickly change these videos to MP3, MP4 by using VLC, or Any Video Converter like audacity, etc

And If you need to change the recording file format, click on “Settings“, scroll below and choose “Output” and select an alternative option to MKV from the “Recording Format” drop-down menu.

How to Record Discord Audio on iPhone and Android

You can use the Craig chatbot to easily record Discord audio on your mobile phone. Craig Bot works as a multi-track voice channel recording bot for Discord means Not only does it record your conversation with others, but it records a separate audio file for each speaker. And the simple layout of the Craig app making it much easier to edit or cut specific speakers out. So here are the steps to use Craig in discord.

  • Create a server in Discord. in order to record audio using Craig, you’ll need to invite the bot to your server.
  • Through the main page of Craig “” and select the “Invite Craig To Your Discord Server” link to start it and make a login before you use it.
  • Next in the Discord server authorization page, you’re required to give Craig permission to join your server before it joins.
  • Invite Craig Bot to the desired server. Type “Craig:, join” to begin the live recording of a conversation in the voice chat you are in.
  • When you are going to finish the recording, just type “Craig:, leave” to stop the recording process.
  • Then Craig bot will Message you a link with the recording file.
  • Open the link and select format FLAC or AAC to download directly onto your iPhone or Android.

Also, it can record Discord audio for up to six hours continuously and keep your audio track stored for 7 days and every audio file delivered will be in perfect sync.

Extra Tips: You also can manage this software on your desktop to record Discord audio. Using it on your computer screen, you can download the recording in the .wmv form so that you can edit the sound and then upload it to YouTube immediately.


Q: Can I record conversations on discord?

There is an option to record video and audio calls. Where once the video or audio call conversation starts it shows the option to record and once the call is ended it can process the video or audio recording and post them in the group or channel. Or download it directly on your device.

Q: How do I record discord voice chat on iPhone?

You can record Discord’s voice on iPhone easily with Craig. You can move to the above section to find the detailed steps to complete the task.

Q: Are discord calls encrypted?

Discord challenges that all its messages are goes in encrypted form, and while that is true to an extent as they are sent over an HTTPS connection, it does NOT imply that they cannot see the content of messages. Messages sent to another user or servers are encrypted before they’re sent out but are decrypted on Discord’s servers.

Q: Are discord voice calls recorded?

As our acknowledge, Discord calls are not recorded as of now. Discord uses secure with end-to-end encryption so don’t worry. While Millions of people spend millions of hours per year chatting on Discord.