How To Pre-Register Diablo Immortal?

Pre-Register Diablo Immortal: Following the huge popularity of the Diablo series, Blizzard has launched a mobile version for all its players.

 Diablo series is among games that have been played by the largest number of players on PC game titles since. 

After looking over the game’s popularity, the developers began work on a mobile version of the game. 

Diablo Immortal is a new free-to-play action role-playing game set to release to the public for download across Android and iOS. It is in close beta, but it will release for all players.

For those eagerly anticipating this new match of the immortals, this is everything you need to be aware of.

Release Date And More

Diablo Immortal is a classic combination of Diablo II and III. The game is released with the finest graphics and an interesting change in gameplay.

Get to know new bosses and be familiar with new classes in this game of immortals and shadows.

The game is currently in closed beta and available only in many countries. It is currently popular in Australia, Japan, China and Canada. 

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Tests and trials are underway, and there are changes to the game based on the feedback. When the game is completely ready to launch, its global version will be available.

The release date of Diablo Immortal has not announce yet. However, according to recent announcements by Blizzard, it is anticipate to launch in the first quarter of 2022.

Keep this article in mind, and keep an eye on us for the latest information and updates regarding Diablo Immortal. 

Find out more details on how you can pre-register to play the game.

How To Pre-register For Diablo Immortal?

It’s very simple to sign up to play Diablo Immortal. Go to Google Play Store or Apple App Store and look up Diablo Immortal. Select the game and locate a button to pre-register for it. Click on the Pre-Register icon and tap Install to download it from your next screen.

You can also pre-register via your computer. Visit the official site that hosts Diablo Immortal, scroll down and look for a button to pre-register.

Click the button to log in using an account on your Battle net, Facebook, Gmail or Apple account. You will inform of the latest news and updates on the game.

Here’s everything you should be aware of Diablo Immortal’s release date and the pre-registration process.