Lost Ark Brings Back Previous Twitch Drop Loot

Twitch Drop Loot: When Lost Ark first launched in early access, it had a promo using Twitch to offer a variety of special Twitch drops.

 Twitch users could stream the approved channels for a specific duration to gain this exclusive item. 

However, it was the case that Twitch drops were linked to a complex tiered system that was not available beyond a brief duration and was only accessible before Lost Ark‘s debut before many gamers were paying attention.

It’s safe to say that many Lost Ark players want to try again. Amazon will grant their wishes.

Amazon has announced that it will be returning to its Lost Ark Twitch drops for availability one more time.

 The four loot levels, including the Battle Item Chest, the Arkesia Paper Hat Chest, the Helgaia Pet Chest, and the Neugier Gold Mount, will be available as Twitch drops during the final chapter of the Legends of Lost Ark event. 

Lost Ark players will need to be on guard as the drop rates are lower than previously, and some players might not get another opportunity.

This is how the new round of drops will function. Each Lost Ark reward is available separately from other bonuses, locked for 24 hours before moving on to the next.

Beginning on February 25 at 9:00 AM PT, the Tier 1 Battle Item Chest will be accessible, followed by the Tier 2 Arkesia Paper Hat Chest on February 26. 

Tier 3 Helgaia Pet Chest on February 27 and the Tier 4 Neugier Gold Mount on February 28. Four drops across four days.

Like before, Lost Ark players must watch Twitch streams to unlock items. 

It’s not clear if the same rule is being followed, which means watching a broadcast for four hours, or if they’ll cut it down because of the limited supply at the moment. 

However, be on the lookout for a list of officially accepted Lost Ark Twitch streamers shortly.

It’s worth mentioning that the method Amazon has used to deal with Twitch drops until now could be described as a disaster. 

It’s one thing to encourage gamers to view Lost Ark Twitch streamers get exclusive loot, but making it an extremely complex metagame will result in a large number of players would not get the loot they’ve always wanted.

 Also, loot won’t remain if players switch servers, and you’ll find many unhappy Lost Ark players.

The process can be simplified so that only one item is available at any time and with a strict timeframe will help Lost Ark players obtain what they desire.

 But the 24-hour supply timeframe means that many Lost Ark players will be unable to reaccess their loot. 

That’s the price for exclusive loot. At the very least, Amazon does this.

Lost Ark is available for download on your PC.