How to Play Progressive Slots Online?

Here’s the manual on how to play progressive slots online. Click here and discover a way to a life-changing jackpot.

How to Play Progressive Slots Online in a Few Simple Steps

How to play progressive slots online? – if you’re typing this in your browser means you’re a casino greenhorn. There’s nothing wrong with it. That means you’ve finally decided to bite the bullet and enjoy some casino time.

Slot machines are a perfect stepping stone for newcomers. These games are straightforward and demand little to no strategy. As a result, slots allow players enough time to get accustomed to virtual casinos and understand their inner workings.

The fact you’re going for progressives means you’re bold. That’s a great virtue if you plan to make something great of gambling. However, it is also vital to be cognizant of the games you play. This is why we’re here. After reading the following lines, you’ll be ready to play progressive slots like a pro. Let’s get started.

Step #1: Understand Progressives

Before you delve into the world of progressive jackpots, it is essential to understand its advantages and disadvantages. That said, below, we’ll present you the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Progressive jackpots work on a system we’re going to call collective winnings. In other words, these slot machines will take a portion of each wager and add it to the jackpot. Here we come to a crucial difference between the standard and progressive slot games. While regular reels have fixed jackpots, potential rewards in progressives will increase every time someone plays a wager.

On the surface, this seems like a perfect solution. However, progressives bear certain risks as a consequence. Thus, the process of learning how to play progressive slots online should start with a basic understanding of its downsides.

These slot variations can make you rich in a blink of an eye. However, due to their complex nature, such games can burn your bankroll in a heartbeat. Hence, if you’re living from hands to mouth, your desire to get rich fast can backfire and damage your budget.

Luckily, there are ways to go around it, which we’ll show you accordingly.

Step #2: Be Careful When Selecting a Casino

If you wish to excel playing progressive slots, you should pay special attention to choosing the right virtual venue. Like other virtual casino games, slots base their gameplay on an RNG algorithm. The random number generator exists to ensure each spin is independent of others.

With no desire to rain on your parade, these algorithms can be manipulated. As a result, the gambling industry has several auditory bodies that make sure all games are fair. They exist to protect players from being manipulated and scammed.

Licensed online casinos regularly check their games for fairness. Selecting a licensed and certified casino will allow you to enjoy a fair and secure gambling environment. As a result, your chances of winning your long-desired jackpot are proliferating.

If you’re unsure whether the casino of your choice is licensed or not, have no worries. There are a plethora of resources that can help you pick the right one. For example, you can visit Here you can find the list of available virtual casinos. There you can check details about casinos licensing, their libraries, complaints (if there are any), and any other information that is crucial to your gambling experience.

Step #3: How to Play Progressive Slots Online

Assuming you’ve picked the right casino using our recommendation or any other sources of your preference, the next step includes registering at your virtual venue. The sign-up process is straightforward and usually takes about a minute or so. Once you complete the required field, select progressive jackpots from the category list. From there, you just select the game, and you’re good to go.

While browsing the library, you’ll also notice multiple titles. Truth be told, online casino players are spoiled with the number of available slot features. Which brings us to the next important question – which progressive slot should you choose? Obviously, there’s a reason why there are so many variations at your disposal. Let’s find out.

Step 4#: Think About What Kind of a Player Are You

Are you a high-roller? Or you’re looking to play casually? These are paramount questions every player should resolve before stepping into the vast world of progressive jackpots. It’s perhaps equally important as choosing your internet casino. Once you select your game, everything else will work out by itself. It is only enough to press the Hit button, and that’s all.

You need to think about the consequences of your choices. The reason why there are so many games lies in the fact each feature differs in many aspects.


Slot machines differ in many ways. One aspect is particularly interesting, and it’s called RTP. Each progressive has its Return To Player ratio. Providers express it in percentages. They show how likely the machine will return your wager in a specific number of spins.

For instance, selecting a progressive slot with a 95% RTP means you can expect to get back €95 from every €100 wagered on average. However, it’s not a rule.


You can distinguish virtual slots by their volatility. We can look at this term as expressing the risks of your bet. Volatility suggests how often you can expect to win a prize. Here are the categories:

  • Low volatile slots,
  • Medium volatile slots,
  • High volatile slots.

The higher the volatility, the higher are the risks and vice versa. You must be wondering how to play progressive slots online, then? Which online slot to choose?

Your choice should depend on your budget. If you have more money at your disposal and have no concerns about whether you’re going to spend them fast or not, high volatility slots are a perfect choice. It means you can burn your money faster, but you can also win insane prizes.

On the other hand, if you wish to be careful about your money, low volatility progressives will match your budget. Simply put, these games will allow you a larger number of smaller wins. Hence, you’ll reduce the chances of burning your cash.

Progressives with medium volatility represent an ideal balance between earlier mentioned counterparts. Jackpots are slightly higher than low volatile games, but the risk is lower than progressives with high volatility.

Once you determine what type of player you are, the process of selecting your game will be more straightforward.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, after reading the lines above, you’ve learned how to play progressive slots online. Keep in mind that your journey starts with selecting the right virtual venue. Make sure to pick the game according to your budget and game style. You’ll be able to do that once you understand all variations of progressive slots. Take your time and choose wisely. If you’re honest to yourself and stars align, you’ll have a great time playing progressive slots.