How To Install Philo TV On Firestick

Streaming applications are now providing many other services with the best-in-class features. Streaming software comes up with live TV, web series, movies, TV shows, and much more. Today we will see about the Philo TV app, which also presents a live TV service. Philo TV is the most popular app for live TV streaming. This app lets you enjoy the 50+ channels on the go at half of the price. It will be the best replacement for your cable/DTH connection because it is cheaper than others. This app offers you live entertainment, news, family, kids, and other channels at an affordable monthly rate.

This article specially for Firestick users, so if you have one, you can install it on your Firestick device. The monthly cost of the Philo live TV subscription is only $20/month. It also gives you a Video-on-demand service. You can also record your programs on Philo and watch them later. It also offers a 7-day free trial to attract customers to take a look at their service. This app is currently available in the US region only. So, let’s start today’s topic about how to install Philo TV on our Firestick module.

Features of Philo TV.

Philo TV has many features to enjoy entertainment at the cheapest cost. Philo TV offers 50+ live TV channels at $20/month. It also has the best service that is a Video-on-demand service. Philo app includes popular channels such as A&E, AMC, BBC America, BBC World News, Comedy Central, HGTV, and much more. With this app, you can stream over 5000+ movies and favorite TV shows on-demand.

Install Philo TV on Firestick

Installation of the Philo TV app is much easy on Firestick. The Philo app is available on the Amazon App Store, so we can easily install it on our Firestick. The Philo app is currently available for US users only. If you live in the US, then only you can install this app. let’s see how to install the Philo TV on Firestick.

1. Boot up the Firestick home screen and click on the Search or Magnifying glass lens icon.

2. Now type the Philo TV in the search box.

Install Philo TV on Firestick

3. Then click on the first result of the page or follow the screenshot below.

philo TV on firestick

4. Here you will see the app description page, click on the Get. 

philo tv installation

5. Now you will can the downloading starts. Wait to finish it completing.

philo subscription

6. Once the downloading will finish, click on the Open button to launch the Philo TV app.

This method is for old Firestick users. If you are using the new Firestick interface, you can follow the below steps. Both steps are the same. Still, we will discuss the following steps.

  1. Boot up your new Firestick interface and click on the Find
  2. Now click on the Search from the options below.
  3. Now click on the search box and type Philo in the search box.
  4. When you click on the search icon, it will show you all the results.
  5. Now click on the first app or follow the old Firestick interface screenshot.
  6. Now it will redirect you to the Philo app description page. You will see a Get button on that page. Click on that to start downloading the Philo app.
  7. Now it will start downloading. Wait to finish it.
  8. Once the app gets downloaded, you will see an Open button. Click on that button to launch the app.

The alternate method to install Philo TV on Firestick

If you are not comfortable typing the app name with Firestick remote, you can follow this method to install the Philo TV. This method is also much easy. You will only need a mobile or laptop to login to your Amazon account, which you used on the Firestick. Follow the below steps, how to install it.

1.  Open your mobile or laptop browser. Now open the Amazon website and login to your Amazon account, which you used on the Firestick.

2. After logged in successfully, click on the product search tab. Now type the Philo TV on the search box.


3. From the searched app, click on the first app from the page or follow the screenshot.

philo amazon

4. After that, click on the Get App button on the right side of the page.

philo on demand

5. As this is your account link on your Firestick, you will see your Firestick device name.

6. Select your Firestick device, and it will start downloading it.

7. You can see your Philo TV app in the apps section.

That’s it! You can see your app in the installed apps. If you don’t know where the app is installed.

Follow the below steps

1. Pick your Firestick remote and hold down the Home button on the remote.

2. Now a menu will appear. Follow the below screenshot.


3. Now select the Apps from the menu.

4. You will see all your installed apps there.

5. Now select the Philo TV and click on the select button. It will launch it.

6. There is another method to access your installed apps. Follow the below steps.

7. Select the Settings on the Firestick home screen.

8. Now click on the Applications.

9. Now click on Manage Installed Apps.

10. You can see all your installed apps in the Applications sections.

11. If you don’t see your installed app there, click on the All Your Apps options to expand the page.

12. Now see your app is installed or not.


So, it’s all about how to install Philo TV on Firestick. The Philo TV is a popular live TV streaming platform that offers to watch live entertainment, news, kids, family, and other content. Philo TV is also the best budget-friendly online live TV streaming service which offers high-quality content at an affordable price tag. So here we discussed how to install Philo TV on Firestick. All the important methods we covered part by part regarding installing the Philo TV app directly. If you have any doubt related to the integration of Philo TV on Firestick, just check out our FAQs section or comment us about your query.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What are the channels that I can watch via Philo TV?

Answer: The Philo TV offers numerous channels to watch on the go. We cannot mention all the channels here. You can visit Philo’s official site to see the channels list by clicking this address (

Question: Can I record live TV shows to watch later?

Answer: Yes, the Philo TV offers you to record live TV shows to watch them later. It offers a cloud DVR feature that helps you record your favorite show and keep them for 30 days.

Question: What devices can Philo be installed?

Answer: As of now, we only discussed the installation of Philo with Firestick. It is also available for Android, IOS, MAC, and Windows platforms.