How to heal yourself in Elden Ring

Heal yourself in Elden Ring: It is essential to know how to heal oneself in any game, let alone Elden Ring. 

This is especially important in Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro. 

You can heal yourself by running to the nearest place of grace, and you won’t lose all your runes. 

It’s also useful when you need to finish the boss, but don’t want to risk your health. 

Let’s quickly look at how to heal yourself with the Elden Ring.

How to heal in Elden Ring

The Flask of Crimson Tears can heal you in the Elden Ring.

 There are many other ways to heal in this game. Let’s take a look at all of them.

  • The Site of Grace: Grace is your most basic way to heal yourself. It works in the same way that bonfires worked in Dark Souls. It also refills your flasks. Remember that while this can heal you, it will also revive any enemies you have killed.
  • A Flask of Crimson Tears can be used to restore a certain level of health: Flask of Crimson Tears may be used to restore some health. This is a great way to heal, as it won’t respawn any enemies. To heal yourself four times, you can assign all four charges. This number can be increased as you accumulate golden seeds.
  • Heal Spell While this method may not be suitable for everyone, mages are sure to make the most of it. This incantation costs 32 focus points and takes one memory slot. This spell requires a minimum level of 12 faith.
  • Urgent Heal Spell Another spell that mages can use. It is available for 16 FP and can also be cast while moving. It doesn’t heal as much as Heal, but it does a lot of health. However, the faith level required to cast this spell is 8. You should be able to use it quickly.

This concludes this guide to healing in Elden Ring.