How To Give Crystal To Farm Dragon in Rune Factory 5

Give Crystal To Farm Dragon in Rune Factory 5: When playing Rune Factory 5, you can offer the farm a crystal dragon to boost the expansion of the crops you grow, improve harvest, or gain other benefits. 

The word “farm” doesn’t normally be associated with dragons; however, in this game, it does. The primary purpose of farm dragons is to let you cultivate on the land. 

One of the primary reasons you should have them is that they provide an area that is much bigger to work in than SEED’s property. That’s where these crystals are useful, they serve different purposes, but the ultimate objective is the same, to assist you in farming.

 This guide will look at how you can give the crystal to the Farm Dragon in RF5.

How to Give Crystal to a Dragon in Rune Factory 5

You can offer the crystal to a Farm Dragon in RF5 by walking toward its head and choosing the crystal from the list. These are steps for doing this.

  1. Navigate to Fram Dragon, where you wish to gift the crystal.
  2. Engage with its head.
  3. This will display the menu, which will allow you to choose crystals.
  4. Choose the crystal, and then give it to the Dragon.

It is crucial to understand that you must give the dragon a crystal and not Fragments. Both are easy to misunderstand however, if you own the Fragments, then you’ll need to exchange them for getting the crystal. This can be done through Heinz.

Rune Factory 5 Crystals List

    • Ventus Crystal can use this to boost the number of crops you pick.
    • Terra Crystal: Use this to expand the space to cultivate crops.
    • Ignis crystal: Utilize this crystal to accelerate the development process.
    • Glacies crystal: Make use of this crystal to cause rain to fall on the dragons of farm for a few days.
    • Gaia Crystal: This can improve the resistance to damage and improve soil health.

These are the various crystals you can offer to your Farm Dragon in RF5. Based on the pieces you have or the conditions you’d like for your dragon, you can decide the crystal to present them with.

This covers everything you need to know How To Give Crystal To Farm Dragon in Rune Factory 5.