Duraludon Is Making His Arrival at Pokemon Unite

I enjoy Steel Type Pokemon because they sport some of the most stylish, fabulous designs. 

It’s always interesting to see Pokemon designers think of innovative ways to combine the ideas of organic life with organic materials. 

One of these exciting Pokemon is Duraludon. Its body is composed of a sleek, light alloy. 

It might appear slim, but it’s quick and durable in battle. If you’re skeptical, I’ll let you see the proof for yourself.

 Duraludon will be going to Pokemon Unite.

Duraludon is Coming to Pokemon Unite

In the last Pokemon Day livestream that announced the imminent release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, The Pokemon Company briefly teased the introduction of Duraludon to the Pokemon Unite’s roster.

 Today, they provided additional information on the newcomer, the 33rd Pokemon, to join Unite.

Duraludon is classified as an attacker position, the tenth on the roster. This means that it’s designed to be used to fight front-line battles and push enemies back into their area.

 Although the full specifications of the Duraludon kit haven’t yet been announced, Pokemon Unite’s Official Pokemon Unite Twitter did post a short teaser video demonstrating the capabilities of Duraludon.

From the footage, Duraludon appears to release large-impact sound waves that can frighten and disorient opponents. 

It also can emit massive laser beams. 

And for the Unite maneuver forms an enormous, ring-like area that blasts any creature unlucky enough within it.

Duraludon is expected to join Duraludon will join the Pokemon Unite roster on March 14th, the day after Monday. 

It’s not known what Duraludon’s Unite License will cost, and, with any luck, developers will allow players to test it without cost for a time after it’s released.