How to Get Elden Ring Black Knife Armor?

Elden Ring Black Knife Armor: Assassins looking for stealth will use the Black Knife Armor, an essential armor set in the game. The set includes 4 pieces: Chest Armor (leg armor), Gauntlets, and Helms. 

Many players find the armor’s sleath abilities fascinating. It can be challenging to know how to get the most sought-after pieces of this set.

We have the answer to your dilemma. We will guide you through the process of obtaining the Black Knife Armor.

How to get black knife armor.

To obtain the Black Knife Armor for Elden Ring, you must first visit the Giants’ Mountaintops. After you have reached the Mountaintops of Giants, continue to Stormveil Castle. Continue, and you will pass both the Liurnia and Altus Plateau.

After arriving at Leyndell (Royal Capital), you will need to continue towards the Grand Lift of Rold. You can use the lift to access the Mountaintops of the Giants from the east. To transport yourself to the Consecrated Snowfield, use the Haligtree Secret Medallion.

After you have reached the Consecrated Snowfield, go to the liturgical town of Ordina. You will need to use both halves of the Haligtree Medallion to proceed to Ordina. You will find the Black Knife Armor mounted on a corpse.