How Do You Get To Jarburg In Elden Ring?

Get To Jarburg In Elden Ring: Jarburg is among the many places within Elden Ring. It is located inside Liurnia of the Lakes; this region is highly significant since it allows you to purchase both the Cracked Pot and the Ritual Pot.

For many, finding the exact location of Jarburg is a daunting job. To make the process easier, we’ve created a guide you need. This guide will show you what you have to do to reach Jarburg.

How to Get to Jarburg Location in Elden Ring?

To reach the area in Jarburg within the Elden Ring, head over to Liurnia of the Lakes. From there, turn east, and continue until you get to Cairn Study Hall Tower.

From here, move toward the South. When you reach the nearby cliffs, gaze down.

You will find several stone pillars protruding from the cliff. You must steadily climb on these platforms to way down the mountain. When you have completed all the stone platforms, you’ll be in the middle of Jarburg.

After arriving, you’ll discover yourself in very familiar surroundings. It is because Alexander’s questline is also set in Jarburg. In Jarburg, there is also a chance to discover Jar Bairn.

That’s it. What you must be aware of concerning Jarburg and how you can find its location in the game. As you can see, finding your journey to Jarburg isn’t as difficult as it appears. You don’t need to travel far to get to the location.