How To Get Debug Mode In Sonic 2

The Debug mode of Sonic 2 helps you access various tricks that will make the game more enjoyable. 

This is why the debug mode is essential to have. 

But for most gamers, this is more difficult to accomplish than it is. 

Since very few players know how to access the debug mode as well as access cheats, we’ve put together a guide to help. 

This guide will guide you on how to set the debug mode on Sonic 2 and how to gain access to cheats within the game.

How to Get Debug Mode in Sonic 2 – Cheats, Tips, & Tricks

To enter Debug Mode in Sonic 2, you need to play the following sounds: 1,9,9,2,1,1,2,4. You must play these sounds on the screen to select the level and then press the Start button while pressing your button A. button.

Then step is to press the next step then, hold the button. Click on any character within the chosen level, and display it on screen. 

You can switch characters (sprites) using the A button. Once you’ve placed the sprite, you want to change and then hit the button C. button.

It’s that simple. By following these steps, you’ll be able to turn on Debug Mode for Sonic 2. 

Now, let’s take an examination of the game’s cheating features.

Sonic 2 Cheats

Bonus Points

If you’d like to earn more points while you play Sonic 2 (let’s face it that who doesn’t want additional points), you must use your Debug Mode code. 

The result will be the clock freezing for a short period which will grant you an additional bonus of 100,000.

Green Sonic

To play the Green Sonic cheat, you have to input the code for debugging and the level you would like to play.

 After that, you have to select any from the Emerald Hill Zone levels.

 It is important to choose one as the code will only operate in the 1st and 2nd Zones.

As soon as you have completed the level, hit the “B” button. This will create a ring.

 You must hit your C button four times to create four rings in succession. 

After that, press the button C button and that right one for a duration that is approximately five minutes. 

Return to the beginning, and continue to press your button until you reach the top of the waterfall. When you reach this point, follow the steps you’ve mentioned earlier. 

After you have completed these steps, you can hit the B. button. This will turn Sonic green.

Play Sonic at Night Cheat

To play Sonic 2 at night, it is necessary to enter the debug mode. 

Then it would help if you pressed the C button and the “Start” to start a new game.

Extra Lives in Chemical Plant in Sonic 2

To gain access to this Chemical Plant Extra Lives cheat in Sonic 2, you need to play the game up to Chemical Plant Act 1.

 Once you’ve reached the wall, using The Spinny Badnik and warp tube, break the tube, and go straight through it. 

After exiting the tube, you’ll find the Ring Box near an elevated tower. It is necessary to climb the tower, and on top, there is a 1-up

Moving towards the left of this tower will give an additional 1-up. If you move left again, you’ll find another 1-up.

Return to the tower from which you started. Take the first tower and make a right. 

Now, you’ll be able to see that you’ve three different lives than you initially had.

Slow Motion

To use access to the Slow Motion cheat in Sonic 2 First, you need to turn on the Level Selector

Once you’ve played the game, stop it and use the A button to start the game again, B to slow playing (with the slow-motion feature), as well as C to enable Frame Advance.

Two Tails Cheat in Sonic 2

To obtain two tails in Sonic 2, you need to select your level, after which you must enter debugging codes.

Then, go towards Sky Chase. Sky Chase level. Then, with the aid of Debug Mode, create a transfer box, then open it.

 When you notice Sonic dying, you can hit the B button to enter back into debug mode. 

Next, you should point your cursor towards the upward direction until you see Tails

Once you’ve identified Tails, you can quit the debug mode. Once you’ve done that, jump, and you’ll be able to see two tails.

Shielded Tails Cheat in Sonic 2 Debug Mode

If you’d like to include the shield to Tails by entering debug mode and hitting the shield. 

After that, put a teleporter box and press it. This will activate the cheat feature and grant Tails an everlasting shield.

Tails to Miles Cheat in Sonic 2 Debug Mode

By using this trick, you’ll be able to observe Tails being referred to as Miles and reverse.

 To activate the cheat, you have to hit Up or Up, and then Up Down down, Down up and Up up, down or Down, Up and Up up (in the same sequence).

Shortcut to Emerald Hill in Sonic 2

Emerald Hill shortcut will help you get through Emerald Hill 1 & 2. To activate it, you’ll need to connect both Sonic and Knuckles. 

Once you’ve done this, then you’ll need to use Knuckles. After that, try to climb as high as you can and then move to your left. 

Then, you’re done. If you do this, you’ll quickly complete the challenge.

Shortcut to Wing Fortress in Sonic 2 Debug Mode

To finish Wing Fortress in Sonic 2, You must make your way towards the left as far as possible, but not climbing.

While doing this, be sure you carry some rings in your bag. When you notice any blades that block your path, you must smash them.

If you are invincible, you’ll need to go straight through the blades. After that, jump on the platforms to the right. This will finish the first half portion of Wing Fortress level.

2 Player Mode

With the aid of debug mode with debug mode Sonic 2, you can enable two Player Mode. 

To turn it on, you must head to the one-player mode. In this mode, you’ll notice that Tails follows you wherever you go. 

Connecting a different device to the other port and pressing the button will grant players the option of playing Sonic 2 in two-player mode. 

The only issue is the lack of scores and a deficiency of life limits.