How to Get Alexander Unstuck the Second Time in Elden Ring?

Get Alexander Unstuck the Second Time in Elden Ring: Get stuck in Elden Ring all the time. You will need to get him out more than once. For people who don’t know who Alexander is or why the potman ends up in these situations, we have just the guide for you on how to get Alexander unstuck for the second time in Elden Ring.

How to Get Alexander Unstuck the Second Time in Elden Ring?

To get Iron Fist Alexander unstuck the second time in Elden Ring, you’ll need to go to his spot near the Artist’s Shack after you beat Starscourge Rahdan and finished the tournament arc.

To make an Oil Pot at the Sofia well, you need to go there. Then, get out of the shack. Make your way up the scaffolding as you go. It’s good to drop down from here and follow the wooden platform path until you come to a cave-like building. 

Once you get to this place, go past the waterfall and keep going until you reach the end. Here, you will find a  vendor. People at the store will give you two book options. To get the recipe for the Oil Pot, buy the more expensive one. 

Make yourself an oil pot and go back to Alexander to get him out of Elden Ring so he can go back to school.

When you get back to Alexander’s place, you need to throw the pot at him. Next, use a big weapon and charge up its power. After doing this, use the weapon to hit Alexander and free him from his prison.

Alexander will thank you and give you Exalted Flesh as a reward when you get out of the rut. All you need to know about this job in Elden Ring is that it’s a lot of work. You can see that setting Alexander free isn’t too hard. However, be ready to do this more than once.