How to fix the Impassable Greatbridge portal not working in Elden Ring?

Fix the Impassable Greatbridge portal not working in Elden Ring: Many people who play Elden Ring say that the portal at Impassable Greatbridge doesn’t work and are looking for a way to fix it. 

If you want to get to Redmane Castle, you need to use this door. You can, yet, use some workarounds to fix this, even though it looks like a bug. 

When the portal doesn’t work on a bridge in Elden Ring, let’s look at how to fix it in this guide.

How to Fix Impassable Greatbridge Portal not working in Elden Ring

You can get the Impassable Great Bridge portal in Elden Ring to work again by going to the site of grace next to the bridge. u/Balanta Boy on Reddit shared this fix with us. You can see what people are saying in this thread by going to this link.

1. At first, Go to the Impassable Greatbridge.

2. Next, you will see the site of grace on the right. Diagonally behind the portal

3. Rest at the site of grace once.

4. After using the site of grace, try going to the portal, and it should work.

Another method for fixing

You should activate the Grand Lift of Dectus if the above fix didn’t work for you. Then you can try again. To use the Grand Lift of Dectus, you need to have both parts of the Dectus Medalion.

  • You can find the Left Dectus Medalion in the chest at the top of Fort Haight, in the Mistwood.
  • Right Dectus Medalion: Go to the Fort Faroth in Dragonbarrow. You can find it on top of the chest there.
  • Go to the Bellum Highway in the northern part of Liurnia; then, you will find the Grand Lift of Dectus at the end of the highway. Use the Medalion to start the lift when you’re on the Platform.
  • If you activate the lift, go back to the Impassable great bridge and use the portal.

When you use both of these fixes, you should be able to use the Portal at the Impassable Greatbridge with no problems at all.

This guide on how to fix the Impassable Greatbridge portal not working in Elden Ring.