How to get a high multiplier in Sifu

 Get a high multiplier: As players move between the Squats and Clubs, the Museum, Tower, the Tower, and Sanctuary, death is common in Sifu

Every stage presents different challenges and a variety of enemies that players must face. 

There are also many implicit or hidden ways for players to navigate the steps.

There are many benefits to staying put and eliminating large numbers of enemies.

 However, it can be hard to keep or increase the Score multiplier if you take hits or die often. 

A less well-known mechanic increases the Score players get from each enemy they face and can instantly give players a high multiplier, even before a punch is thrown.

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How to quickly achieve a high multiplier in Sifu

With a funny animation and voice-over, players can taunt their enemies. This will increase their multiplier Score. 

Players who wish to improve their Score multiplier without any effort instantly may taunt their enemies. 

If players want to buy any of the three shrine statuary boons, taunting enemies combined with defeating them will dramatically increase their Score. 

Structure Regain and Focus Regain are two examples of score-based boons. Parry Impact is another.

Parry Impact increases the impact of a player’s parry on an opponent’s Structure bar. 

It can also be crucial in the final fight against Yang to determine Sifu‘s true ending. 

If they prefer to buy Age-based or XP-based boons, they can disregard Score when considering shrine statue rewards to be purchased. 

Sifu is the core mechanics of the player’s core mechanics. It may be beneficial to try each one for a more balanced run.

You can taunt on PS4 or PS5 by pressing the right D-pad button. Players can tease each other on the keyboard and mouse by pressing the 3 keys. 

Although it can usually cancel the taunt, it is not always safe. 

Taunts can be performed before enemy aggroes and are less risky when the opponent threatens to punish you. 

However, like many of Sifu’s more clandestine strategies, a well-timed teasing can significantly benefit the player and help turn the tide in favour of any of the more difficult challenges.

Sifu is available now on PC, PS4, and PS5.