How To Get A Black Knife Tiche In Elden Ring

Get A Black Knife Tiche: Do you know how to get help in Elden Ring in a fun and unique way? It’s called “calling on the spirits of assassins, creatures, shapes, and more.” 

Indeed, summoned spirits aren’t going to help you win every battle, but they can be a big help when you need it. 

She is an assassin and the daughter of the leader of the Black Knife Ring. 

She died protecting her mother, who Tiche killed. She is a legendary spirit, and when summoned, she can do a lot of damage to people. 

The Black Knife Tiche can be found in Elden Ring. This is our guide on how to get it.

How to Get Black Knife Tiche in Elden Ring?

It’s possible to get the Black Knife Tiche by killing her father, the Black Knife Ring Leader.

To find him, head over to the Ringleader’s Evergaol and look for him over there.

They’re at the Moonlight Altar, southwest of Liurnia of Lakes. The Ringleader’s Evergaol can be found here.

That’s why you need to fight off the Astel before you can get to the Moonlight Altar. You can look at our guide on beating and cheese Astel to find out more.

It would help if you headed northwest after getting to the Moonlight Altar. You’ll reach the Ringleader’s Evergaol when you get there.

Southwest of the Liurnia of Lakes, this is where it is.

Check out the place you’re going to when you get there.

As soon as you enter the Evergaol, you’ll see the Ring Leader, Alecto, who is ready to fight.

Neither a spirit nor any of your friends can help you in this fight.

Please don’t use a shield or protect yourself when he attacks. Dodge and roll over to avoid him.

There is a weapon called the Glintblade Phalanx that you can use to get rid of his strength.

Attack him with the Glintblade as he slows down, but don’t let up.

As soon as you defeat Alecto, he will give you the Black Knife Tiche legendary spirit and 80,000 Runes, which you can use.

It is a rare summon spirit that can use up to 132 FP.

Black Knife Tiche can be very useful in fights with only one person.