How To Find & Open Hidden Paths In Elden Ring

Hidden Paths In Elden Ring: There’s a lot to do in the world of Elden Ring that can be seen while you’re exploring. There are also hidden rooms and paths that many players have found. 

Some find unique loot, and rare items are found by some bosses, which you might not have found if you didn’t look. Elden Ring has hidden paths that you can open. This is how you can do it.

Elden Ring: How to Unlock Hidden Paths

You want an Illusory wall, also known as a Hidden wall, but you can’t see it. It’s up to the players to hit this wall with their weapon once or twice. 

A new path to a secret location will find when it breaks. Also, you can roll it into the wall to break it down.

How to Find out which walls can be broken

  • These illusory walls are difficult to spot, and they do not appear in any way that would draw your attention. If you’re a gamer and start getting excited about where a wall looks, attack it (or multiple).
  • If there’s no way to go forward in the area, try to hit the walls to see if you can open a hidden path.
  • Using an incantation called the Law of Regression can also help you see these hidden walls because it heals “negative states” and “reveals mimicry in all of its forms.”
  • You can find hidden walls if you play online. A lot of people are leaving messages about them. Do not forget to thank people for valuable messages. It’s essential to be careful of troll messages that give you the wrong information again, though.

Illusory or Hidden Walls in Elden Ring: Where to Find them?

If you want to get weapons, rune arcs, ashes, fight optional bosses, and more, you need to keep an eye on the walls in these places.

  • Academy of Raya Lucaria
  • Black Knife Catacombs
  • Kingsrealm Ruins
  • Sealed Tunnel
  • Sellia Hideaway
  • Volcano Manor
  • Three Sisters
  • Road’s End Catacombs
  • Witchbane Ruins

There are some single-hit illusory walls, while some will need multiple hits.