How to eSign a PDF Document

Working with PDF files scares many users. On the one hand, PDF is an excellent format because it allows easily saving different blocks: text, graphics, photographs, and other elements that are difficult to put together. Thanks to this, the formatting of the text does not change, no matter what editor or device it is opened in. On the other hand, users often have trouble not knowing how to edit it. When it comes to signing documents in PDF format, some people doubt that it can be done at all. However, when selecting a good eSignature provider, the whole process takes no more than a couple of minutes. Find out how to eSign a PDF document in a few clicks and with a minimum subscription.

Why PDF Documents Are So Popular

The PDF format has become extremely common in document management due to its standardization. Whichever device users open it on, it will look the same. Therefore, with the digitalization of all aspects of human life, including the electronic exchange of documents, PDF has become widespread. Many agreements, contracts, statements, and other forms circulate in this convenient format. That is why people prefer to sign them without wasting time converting them into another format and back.

When You May Need an eSignature on PDF Documents

A legally binding digital signature can be placed on virtually every document today. It allows you to certify various actions without resorting to printing out the text, signing it in handwriting, and scanning it back into electronic format. If you use a reliable eSignature provider that respects all necessary anti-forgery technologies, you can be sure of eSignature exclusivity. Such legally binding document certification is accepted in the following institutions:

  • public authorities, including the courts
  • institutes of medicine and education
  • business and commerce
  • financial platforms, including banks

How Often a Person Signs PDF Files

When carrying out any contractual obligations, the eSignature will indicate the consent of its owner with what is stated in the document. Think about how often you sign something by hand. With about the same regularity, you will have to digitally sign documents. And the probability that the papers will be in PDF format is very high. Therefore, it is important to know on which platforms it is easiest to do this.

Who Especially Needs to Switch to eSignatures

Any production, e-commerce companies, law firms, and government agencies in which serious attention is paid to record keeping are forced to switch to electronic methods of signing documents. This incredibly speeds up all the processes of collecting signatures and saves at least 40 hours of working time for each employee every month! By integrating the eSignature solution into their software via API, companies of various sizes are optimizing office work not only for internal processes. It becomes much easier to work on the texts of contracts with external partners because it can be done in real-time! And it may take no more than 5 minutes to get their signature in a PDF file.

Which Platform Is Best for eSigning PDF Files

If you are interested in choosing the most reputable eSignature provider to integrate this service into your workflows, subscribe to the signNow platform. It provides a wide range of services related to the maintenance of electronic records for both individual and corporate users:

  • Easy eSigning of documents in any format, including PDF
  • Quick collection of eSignatures from any number of persons
  • The ability to quickly generate documents and collaborate on them as a team
  • Using templates to speed up the preparation of the necessary paperwork
  • Assistance in bookkeeping
  • A mobile application that allows users to eSign documents on the go
  • API for integrating eSignatures into the usual working environment of companies

The Sequence of Actions When eSigning a PDF File

By registering on the signNow platform, you will get the opportunity to test its services for free. The company offers more than 100 useful functions for office work, which are offered to users to test and evaluate. To sign a file in PDF format, just follow a few simple steps:

  • Download the file you need to work on or create it directly on the platform.
  • If you need to add places for other people to sign in, use the toolbar at the top left of the screen. You can add some other elements to the file, such as checkboxes, dropdown menus, etc.
  • After all, the amendments have been made, and the changes have been saved, click on the “My Signature” button at the bottom of the toolbar. Determine your eSignature location in the document and add it using one of the available methods. It can be drawn, downloaded, or printed. Either way will be legally binding. To save it, click “Sign.” Make any necessary adjustments to its size and location, and then click OK.
  • If the document needs to be signed by someone else, use the “Invite to Sign” function. In the field that opens, enter the emails of the other signatories and send them the document.
  • After that, the document may be saved, closed, and downloaded.

Benefit from Services of SignNow with Millions of Other Users

The sequence of actions is practically no different from the work with electronic documentation that has already become familiar to everyone. signNow has made every effort to ensure that users do not have to relearn or perform any actions that are unusual for them. The intuitiveness and ease of use of the eSignature on the platform made it popular among companies of any size. To date, more than 20 million individual and corporate users benefit from the signNow platform.

Thanks to signNow electronic services, you can easily automate many routine office functions. The working time that was spent on the tedious, monotonous work of collecting signatures can be directed to more creative tasks. In addition, companies and organizations get rid of the problem of forged signatures. This will eliminate abuses and make the workflow process more transparent and efficient. The simple need to quickly and conveniently sign PDF files can take your business to a new level!