How to Defeat Tytalos in Lost Ark

Defeat Tytalos in Lost Ark: They’re going to want a more difficult challenge after they’ve done well in the first level of Guardian raids. 

Tytalos, a tier-two Guardian with a move set that can quickly wipe out even the most well-equipped groups of adventurers if they don’t know about its attack cycles, meets this expectation.

Challenging Tytalos: Grinding up Guardians

Players have to be level 50 before they can fight Tytalos. This is standard for all Guardian Raids, but it’s different for this one. 

This isn’t usually a big deal for people who want to raid because Guardian Raids aren’t available until the player reaches the continent of Vern, which is usually a while after the player has finished the game. 

Progressing to level 50 is suitable for the player because it allows them to get the most out of their skillset in damage and utility.

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Tytalos is a step above the four-tier-one Guardians. Until, Lumerus, Icy Legoros, and Vertus are easier to fight than Tytalos. First, players must defeat the tier-one Guardians at least once each.

As the fourth and most vital of the tier-two Guardian Raids, Tytalos is the one to go to. 

The intensity of its fight means it needs the highest total item level of the other three. Players must bring 580 total levels worth of gear into their raid to be able to fight it in battle.

Fighting Tytalos: Lion in the sand

Tytalos is a very agile enemy. It can move quickly around its arena and attack quickly with a barrage of medium-damage swipes and pounces. It will often start its attacks with two or three of these more minor attacks. Then, the AoE attack will be ready.

Players are most at risk from this AoE attack because it can kill anyone caught in its range. There are also times when players can’t just run out of the way of the attack because it’s too far away from the arena.

 As there are only three Feathers of Resurrection that can use in a Guardian Raid, this attack can’t be tanked. This means that if a party can’t find a way to avoid damage, they could be wiped out.

In the fight against Tytalos, the main thing is the sandstorms that it makes during the whole raid. 

Players caught in a sandstorm will start to slow down more and more, stacking up to three times on the player before temporarily turning them into stone for a short time.

However, when a player is scared, Tytalos’ AoE attack doesn’t hurt them.

As usual, as long as the fight goes on, Tytalos raiders usually dive into the nearest dust devil at first sight of its red AoE circle and start to run away. 

It’s easier for lighter classes like Deathblades and Bards to dodge the doomsday attack because they move more quickly.