What Are Roster and Roster Levels In Lost Ark?

Roster and Roster Levels In Lost Ark: In the game Lost Ark, you play and explore the world only one character at a; however, the achievements you earn and the items you collect aren’t only available to the player you’re currently playing.

Due to the roster system used in Lost Ark, some progress you make and the items you acquire are shared among all characters in the same account.

It also means that you cannot get the same features in two characters, such as achievements or collectibles, since they are shared between each character in the first place.

Each character you create within Lost Ark belongs to the same group meaning that certain advancements and other items will be transferred across the two servers. 

Two characters on two different servers aren’t members of the same roster.

Roster levels are a system shared by your roster, which includes characters on that same server. 

If you earn XP for the character you want to use, you also get some Roster-XP. 

The character will be able to unlock stat boosts that are permanent and other items as your character’s level rises.

 What does roster mean in Lost Ark?

The Roster on Lost Ark refers to the roster of characters on one server. The characters you can have on a specific server the roster.

Suppose you create a brand account on the server that you already have characters that you’ve played. 

In that case, the character you create is automatically added to the roster of characters on the server.

A roster is unique to a particular server so that you will have a different roster for each server in the game. 

Two characters on two different servers are not on the identical roster, and neither of their progress or even items is shared.

Characters located on the same server are part of the same team, and certain aspects of their progress and acquired items are shared automatically.

You will be able to observe what things are being used across various characters in this guide.

What are the levels of a roster that are available in Lost Ark?

Roster levels are a different system from the individual level of a character. Roster levels are the level shared by the characters on the roster.

If you earn XP on your character through quests, fighting enemies, dungeons, or anything else in the game, you earn XP to upgrade your roster also.

Once you have reached an upper level on your roster, the entire roster receives an ongoing boost in stats, which makes every player on that server more powerful. 

You can also unlock other cosmetics or items on certain levels of the roster.

The maximum level of a roster is 250. Each level in the roster grants the characters a bonus of 5 in any stat or combination of stats.

Roster level stat boosters work similarly to heirlooms and account-wide boosts, similar to other MMORPGs. 

They boost the stats of each player on the server and those you’ve created.

The roster’s current status is in the lower-left corner, next to your combat level, or within the window for Roster.

 Clicking Roster in the corner to the left of the bottom, there is also the XP bar of your current level of a roster in purple.

To open the Roster or levels window, press the ‘O’ button on your keyboard, select Roster from the menu at the bottom of the right, and choose Roster Information.

Be sure you claim the rewards from the Roster window once you have reached an upper level in your roster to unlock new stat boosters and other items.

Roster level rewards

You can unlock a new reward whenever you achieve an upper level in your roster that you must claim through your Roster Window.

Each level of the roster gives 5 Vitality + 5 or +5 in Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence.

Certain levels of the roster also provide cosmetics or other items to be rewarded and the bonus stats.

Here are some possible rewards levels that a roster level can award for Lost Ark:

  • +5 Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence
  • +5 Vitality
  • +5
  • Bifrost Key
  • Chest of Crystals
  • Phoenix Plumes
  • Wallpaper
  • Max Work Energy Increase
  • Maximum Stronghold Energy Increase
  • Vitality Enhance Potion
  • Stats Increase Potion

To determine what stat increases and rewards particular levels of the roster provide, you can start the Roster window by pressing the ‘O’ key on your keyboard or by clicking Roster, and then click Roster Information in the lower-right menu.

Please scroll down to view the levels of your roster and the stats they confer. Bonuses and rewards are within the range of levels that you can currently select over the top of levels.

What is shared across the roster?

There is no guarantee that the progress you make to the same character is part of players on that server, the roster it belongs to.

Here’s all that the players within Lost Ark share:

  • Roster levels
  • Titles
  • Achievements
  • Cards
  • Virtue points
  • Mounts
  • Pets
  • Effects of engraving
  • Collectibles

That’s all you need to know about what roster and roster levels are in Lost Ark!